b'Wound Care BootsMultiBoot XtraWOUND CARE BEST\x17Extra protection SELLER!Padded toe plate keeps \x17Secure positioning sheet off of toes\x17Enhanced breathabilityGenerously paddedFlat, nonskid \x17Padded comfort straps hold foot securelytoe-plateShown with Ambulation Padin place and protect attachment Breathable, moisture-wickingshin and foot knob provides liner keeps fragile skin cool anda safe transfer dry, reducing skin breakdown point for pivot or step transfersWOUND CARE BOOTSn Adjustable external straps Additional calf padding safeguardscontrol dorsi\x1fexionRigid shell holds foot in neutralthe Achilles region and fullyMulti-Podus Contracture AFOs with position, helps prevent footdrop suspends KeeO for optimaO air floZ\x0fAdjustable Strap keep heel in \x1eoating position n Optimizes air\x1fow to aid in healing wound healing, and pressure relief to prevent pressure areas while anti-rotation bar controls hip and leg rotation. Dorsi\x1eexion straps MultiBoot Xtrawith fully coveredin place and padded toe plate keeps pressure andprevent plantar \x1eexion and ankle strap secures plastic shell and padded spine holds foot infriction off of the toes. Flat, non-skid toe plateto prevent ankle \x1eexion. Adjustable toe post neutral to prevent footdrop while providingattachment knob provides a safe transfer point foraccommodates all foot sizes. Antimicrobial surface pressure relief and minimizing risk of cross-leggedpivot or step transfersremove the knob for a \x1eatprotector shields against mold, mildew, stains, injury. Breathable, moisture-wicking liner keepsbase to prevent falls during unaided transfers. Fitsbacteria, fungus, and algae. Removable, machine-fragile skin cool and dry, reducing skin breakdownleft or right.washable, non-\x1eeece headliner cover. Extender kit while additional calf padding safeguards the fragileWashable to accommodate wider or edematous feet. Model Achilles region and fully suspends heel for optimal1 1 with Ambulation Pad includes removable, soft, air\x1eow, wound healing, and pressure relief.Sizing: S, up to Wmns 8; M/L, Wmns 8 2 -11; Mens 7-10 2 ;nonslip outsole. Fits left or right.Generously padded straps hold foot securely XL, Mens 11+. Sizing: Foot length universal (8"-13"approx. up to Mens SIZEMULTIBOOT XTRAPRICEREPL. LINERPRICE 16 shoe size); calf circ. up to 16".S #66452*$87.75 ea#66454*$85.75 ea #67050MULTI-PODUS CONTRACTURE AFO$85.00 eaM/L#66452*$87.75 ea#66454*$85.75 ea #67049w/AMBULATION PAD$92.50 eaXL #66453 $100.00 ea#66455$88.75 ea California residents, see below.FAX800.437.2966 *Specify Small or Medium/Large. California residents, see below.n Protects from footdrop and provides full heel suspensionMultiBoot Standard is the affordable contracture,Synthetic Fleece Linerwound care, and footdrop boot, offering optimal heelswaddles foot and legpressure relief with limited ambulation qualities. The sturdy 800.225.2610AliMed .com shell delivers excellent support with an anti-rotation bar that limits unwanted hip rotation. The toe plate keeps bedding off toes. Synthetic Fleece Liner generously pads sensitive skin and wicks away moisture. Also available with Outsoleand Toe Plate Cover. Fits left or right.Kydex plastic shellSynthetic Fleece LinerWashable Sizing: S, up to Wmns 8; M/L, Wmns 81 2 -11; Mens 7-101 2 ; Boot withn Anatomically designed for pressureXL, Mens 11+. Toe Plate shown relief MULTIBOOT STANDARD WITH SYNTHETIC FLEECE LINER Prevederm Heel Cushions are anatomicallyREPL. SYNTHETICBOOT w/OUTSOLE & designed to protect the foot and help prevent BOOT w/TOE PLATEFLEECE LINERTOE PLATE COVEROUTSOLE ONLY pressure injuries. Distributes pressure evenly toSIZEITEM#PRICEITEM #PRICEITEM #PRICEITEM #PRICE critical areas on the foot and protects exposed bony S#63145$80.75 ea#63146$33.75 ea#63259$103.95 ea#64023$30.75 ea areas. Gel cushion is secured in place with a hook-M/L#6962$82.00 ea#6963$32.07 ea#61002$102.64 ea#64024$30.75 ea and-loop strap. One size \x1fts most. Sold individually.XL#62206$90.75 ea#62207$49.75 ea#64026$116.29 ea#64025$30.75 ea #67130$27.02 eaCalifornia residents, see below. California residents, see below.California Proposition 65 StatementWARNING:This product can expose you to chemicals including Di(2-Ethylhexyl) Phthalate (DEHP), which is known to the State 360 of California to cause cancer and birth defects or other reproductive harm. For more information go to https:// www.p65warnings .ca .gov.'