b'Positioning SolutionsEndoscopy positioners maximize patient comfort and safetyPOSITIONERSnEasy-to-use Endoscopy positioner for a variety of procedures Maintains elevation and alignmentVortek Surgical EPS-30 Endoscopy Positioning SystemUnique positioning aid provides unprecedented patient comfort and safety during use in colonoscopy, EGD, ERCP, TIFF, and similar endoscopic GI procedures. Maximizes patient safety by improving physiologic alignment, enhancing airway alignment, andVersatile positioningreducing risk of positioning injury. Versatile system can be used in a number of endoscopy procedures/oZ-3roOe and designed to meet variable needsevenmodel with during the course of a procedure. Durable easy- Beveled to-use positioners can be reusedjust clean withHeadrest common hospital disinfectants and sanitizers.Standard model with Standard HeadrestPOSITIONING SOLUTIONSNot made with natural rubber latex.20"W x 22"LMade in the USAEndoscopyPROFILECHEST HEIGHTHEADREST HEIGHTSTANDARD HEADRESTBEVELED HEADRESTSTANDARD5"8"#938244#938250Containment 1 1System MID-PROFILE3 2 "6 2 "#938245#938251Search "Vortek" LOW-PROFILE2"5"#938246#938252$712.76 ea$768.12 eaAliMed.com Additional shipping charges may apply. California residents, see left page.Innovative anti-slip solutionCleaner, clearer for patients and positionersimagesInvisiCoat Positioners award-winning curved-edgeNonslip Overlaydesign reduces artifactsDetails, pp. 48, 49FAX800.437.2966CurvededgesnHelp prevent shifting during Pre-cut Nonslip Disc AliMed.com 800.225.2610almost any procedure for smaller surface areas Positioners wont shiftNonslip Surface OverlaysKeep positioners and patients in place with this innovative materialuse with positioners to assure patient security at any angle during procedures, reducing the need for tape or other adhesives. Reusable, autoclavable, and antimicrobial, the dual-sided silicone is ultrathin and \x1eexible to conform to any tables supportContours to anatomy and7rim to tsurface. Surface Overlay is easy to clean andsurgical surfaceremove. Non-adhesive material is safe against skin and wont leave residue on surfaces thatAutoclavableOverlay: 20"W x 46"L (cut to size)could collect bacteria. Trim to any size and works 1-mm thickPre-cut Disc: 9" diam.1.5-mm thickeven when wet. Both the Overlay and Disc#938108OVERLAY$72.25 eastabilize gel positioners, coated foam, and vinyl- #938109DISC$31.00 eacovered positioners from shifting. California residents, see left page.53'