b'HampersSTORAGE AND ORGANIZATIONBESTn Foot-controlledDeluxe TriangularHands-free operation SELLER!Hampers with Lid-Damping Function Dual-access foot pedal activation makes it easy toRectangular Hamper Stands with Poly-coated open from either side ofMetal LidChrome-plated steel stand is pedal- Metal Lidhamper. Lid has a damperoperated for hands-free use. Poly-Liner Bags sold for easy opening andseparately, p. 338.controlled, gradual close.1 3 5Rear support leg ensures192 "W x 374 "H x 188 "D18-lb. bag capacityVinyl-coatedComes with bilingual labels: stability. Adjustable feet tometal rimWhite, Poly-coated metal cover3" ball-bearingBiohazard, Soiled Linen, control height.casters, two lockingIncludes set of 4 bilingual labels:Infectious Waste, and TrashBiohazard, Soiled Linen, Infectious Waste, and Trash21"W x 32"H x 21"D21 lbs.1" tubing3" casters3-year warranty Available in Knocked-Down or Fully Welded models #931966$172.75 ea Bags not included Additional shipping charges may apply.POWDER-COATED STEEL w/STEEL LID California residents, see left page.HAMPERS#934940KNOCKED-DOWN$369.75 ea STAINLESS STEEL w/STAINLESS STEEL LID 3-year warranty!#934941FULLY WELDED$670.27 eaAdditional shipping charges may apply.Hands-free pedalCalifornia residents, see left page.EconomicalColor options available by n Space-saving special orderRound Hamper Stands for use with all standard cloth, paper, or plastic hamper bags. Accommodates 18" diameter reusable bags, sizes 30"W x 40"H, 29"W x 39"H, and 29"W12-Gal.x 40"HChrome plated Single Double 8-Gal. 6-Gal. 11 lbs.3" swivel castersn Choose single or double models 4-Gal.with rubber wheelsn Hands-free disposal#931964$206.80 ea Medium-Duty Hampers with Foot PedalConstructed from78 "-diameter tubing withStep-On Waste CansSelf-closing lid opens by Additional shipping charges may apply.front-mounted foot pedal. One-piece, heavy-duty California residents, see left page. chrome \x1fnish. Includes four 3" casters (twoconstruction and full-width hinges for long-term locking) for Single Hamper, and six 3" castersdurability. Exposed edges are hemmed for safety. FAX800.437.2966(two locking) for Double Hamper. Includes whiteAvailable in four sizes. ABS lid standard. Other color options available by special order. Poly-Liner Bags and ReplacementOne-piece w/full-width hingesBail mechanism disposable Lids, sold separately below. bags (not included)Bilingual biohazard and infectious waste warning labels meet OSHA labeling requirements 35"H x 17"DChrome-platedSingle Hamper: 20 lbs.Stainless steel4-Gal: 1 1516 "W x 13"H x 12 58 "D6-Gal:Double Hamper: 38 lbs.Poly-Liner Bags: 30- to-35-gal11 1516 "W x 16"H x 12 58 "D8-Gal: 11 1516 "W x 21"H x 12 58 "D AliMed.com 800.225.2610capacityClear polyethylene1.3 mil thickness 12-Gal: 13"W x 23"H x 14"D#934952SINGLE HAMPER, 20"W $150.38 ea #9603364-GAL$303.59 eaBase is 7 12 "H #934953DOUBLE HAMPER, 39"W $287.37 ea#935049*POLY-LINER BAG, 200/cs$87.75 cs #9603376-GAL$354.32 eanCollapses for #9603398-GAL$368.74 ea*Also compatible with Chrome-Plated Rectangular easy storage Hampers (#931966), above. #96034212-GAL$470.71 eaand transfer Additional shipping charges may apply.Additional shipping charges may apply. California residents, see left page. California residents, see left page.Collapsible Hampers Constructed to collapse for easier storage.Crack-Resistant Replacement LidsChrome \x1fnish for a more attractive appearance. Fits Medium-Duty Hampers ( #934952and#934953 ) 17 12 "W x 14 12 "L x 32 12 "H 78 "-diameter tubular basesold above.(7 12 "H) 3-gauge wire tension arms3" casters12 lbs.18 14 "W x 17 12 "L x 6"HABS plastic Bags not included, see p. 338. #934962$41.97 ea#934954$85.23 ea Specify Yellow, Red, Blue, White, Black, or Brown. Additional shipping charges may apply.California residents, see left page.California residents, see left page. MORE HAMPERSP. 338337'