b'Cervical VisualizationOptimize cervical visualization for sedated patients\x16\x03\x03 \x16\x03\x03 \x16\x03\x03Reduce risk of Use during Single use forSTRAPSincidental trauma intraoperative X-rays infection controlCervical Visualization Harnesses retract shoulders for better visualization of C-56, C-67, and other vertebrae for intraoperative X-rays.BESTHarness can be pulled to either side by hook-and- SELLER!loop strap at the chest to expose pelvis for bone graft. After X-rays are completed, harness can be cut at shoulders to release traction. The body portion of the harness is held by the patients weight to help eliminate incidental trauma caused by having to strap the patient down. Adjustable hook-and-loop straps extend from the back of the body, up and over the shoulders, and then crisscross in front before attaching to the sides of the table just above the ankles. One size \x1fts all.CERVICAL VISUALIZATIONPad: 18 12 "W x 44"LStraps: 66"LDisposableNonskid foam NonsterileMR-safe Patients weight secures#920877$69.00 ea body portion of harness California residents, see left page.Watch a video demonstration!AliMed.com/cvh1.Thread the shorter strap through ring. Adjust strap OenJtK ZKiOe patient fle[es knees 15- 20. 2.Strap holds adjustment with hook-and-loop closures. Traction is applied when patient extends legs to tighten the straps.3.5 lbs., 12 lbs., 7 lbs., 13 lbs.,7"W x 9"L 6"W x 21"L 5"W x 17"L 11"W x 11"L n Ideal for conscious patientsn\x03Safe for use in anyAuto Traction StrapsUse when visualiza- extends legs, strap pulls the shoulder out of the FAX800.437.2966imaging environmenttion of cervical vertebrae may be obstructed byimage eld with equal traction on each arm.MR-Safe Cervical/Traction Sandbagsthe shoulders. Useful for shoot-through lateral \x1flms.2"W x 71"LMR-safewith reinforced handles are perfect for pro- Keep techs out of radiation eld. Adjustable hook-per patient positioning during cervical or tractionand-loop wrist holds t most patients. When patient#9-208$145.75 eaprocedures and safe for cross-departmental useCalifornia residents, see left page.in any imaging environment, including MRI.nHandles for cervical visualization Lower cervical vertebrae are generally obscured AliMed.com 800.225.2610by the shoulders unless depressed by applyingCervical/Traction SandbagsHeavy-duty traction to both arms. Handles also aid with easyreinforced handles make these perfect for transport. Available in multiple weights. Artifact- cervical and traction applications. Lower cervical free 100% nonmagnetic sand.vertebrae are generally obscured by the shoulders unless depressed by applying traction to both arms.ITEM #WEIGHTSIZEPRICE Multiple weights. Sold in pairs. Standard sand.#9607873.5 lbs7"W x 9"L$55.75 ea Buy a set and save!#9607847 lbs5"W x 17"L$58.75 ea#936929SET OF 6 (2 OF EACH SIZE)$298.75 set#96078512 lbs6"W x 21"L$61.75 ea#96078613 lbs11"W x 11"L$63.75 ea Or buy individuallyAdditional shipping charges may apply. ITEM #WEIGHTSIZE PRICECalifornia residents, see left page. #93695710 lbs11"W x 11"L$119.77 pr#93692515 lbs12"W x 12"L$137.76 prCustomize any sandbag#93692620 lbs12"W x 13"L$159.65 prby size, shape, and \x1fller atAdditional shipping charges may apply. AliMed.com/made-to-order California residents, see left page.17'