b'Protective CoversBagsINFECTION CONTROLAliBagsProtect more for less!only$ 3. ea40Elastic closure protects aJainst fluids for infection controln\x03Elastic band closure for a secure \x1etPROTECTIVE COVERS BAGSTIDI Band Bag Equipment CoversClear polyethylene bags have a heat-sealed band onSterile andone end with an elastic band closure on the otherindividually packagedfor a secure \x1ft. Meets the contamination control requirements of any sterile environment. Sterile and individually pouched. Not made with natural rubber latex. 100/cs.36"W x 28"L bagsBlueAliBagsClear, sterile, multi-#923235$427.45 cs ($4.27 ea) purpose plastic bags are larger California residents, see left page. than you think to cover armboards, positioners, and more! Elastic closure helps protect against \x1euids, allowing for speedy cleanup while reducing the risk of infectionall at an Moreaffordable price. Individually packaged. Not Equipmentmade with natural rubber latex. 100/cs.Covers 36"W x 28"L#95-135$340.21 csAliMed.com California residents, see left page.FAX800.437.2966Secure equipment covers and cords Keep covers in place with nStrong hook-and-loop closure30\'L rollcut AliStrap AliStrap Strong, self-adhering back-to-back hook- to any length and-loop strap safely secures equipment covers or AliMed.com 800.225.2610neatly organizes messy cords. Easily repositions with no residue. Simply unroll, cut to length, wrap, and pressthe perfect size strap every time! 30\'L.#95-905*"W$35.50 rl Wrapped cords can be #95-9001"W$55.50 rl repositioned *Not shown. Other widths available, pp. 2, 3.easilyrelease California residents, see left page. and relocateDid you know AliStrap is great for infection control, too?\x17\x17Disposable for\x17No bacteria-trappingWatch AliStrap in action!Single use for less infection risk faster cleanup sticky residue AliMed.com/alistrap-video125'