b'Armboards SURGICAL TABLE ACCESSORIESSoft Beta Pile II strap secures arm without risk of skin ulceration 1onsOip surfaFe\x11\x11\x11 Beta Pile II strap and\x11\x11\x11even KoOds suppOies ZKen 18 "-thick pad included Eoard is tippednSupine angiography armboardARMBOARDSAngiography ArmboardsRadiolucent, advanced composite armboards can be used for injections and/or as an armrest. For \x1eat-top angiography tables and most \x1eat-top imaging tables. These armboards rotate a full 360 horizontally and allow virtually unobstructedArmboard and procedural table in one\x1euoroscopy of the catheter placements. Can be used on either left or right side of table. A \x1eat platen\x03Faster setups for injectionsslides under the table pad and is held in place by an angled lip on one side and a VELCRO-brand strapWide Universal ArmboardsReplacement Nonslip Surface available on the other.Radiolucent, advanced compositeseparately below. Cleanable with any type of Armboards accommodate both armdisinfectant. Hanging hole for easy storage off Arm cradle is 6"W x 23"LRadiolucentKevlar andand supplies, saving you time fromthe \x1eoor. graphite compositeFits flat-top special procedure tablesbringing a table to hold procedural3 8 1 2 1 2approx. 18"WAluminum equivalency less than or equal" thick31" LWidth tapers 11"-6"Radiolucent to 1 14mmBeta-Pile II wrist strap and 6"W x 23 12 "L xsupplies. Accommodates varying patientpolyethyleneMR-safe5 lbs. 18 "-thick foam pad (replacement straps available)Notsizes. Patients weight holds it in place. Top of#935196WIDE ARMBOARD$232.00 easuitable for Prone positioning Armboard has nonslip surface to prevent arm from moving for easier and safer insertion. #935197REPL. NONSLIP SURFACE$25.00 ea#937713ARMBOARD$1,554.01 ea California residents, see left page.#4014REPL. BETA PILE II STRAP,2"W x 30"L$41.00 rlCalifornia residents, see left page.Modify your armboards FAX800.437.2966 8niversaO $rmEoard AliMed.com 800.225.2610easiO\\ sOides under support surfaFen Converts 6"W armboards to 13"W n No side rail neededArmboard Width Extensions expandUniversal Armboards slip under patients the surface of your armboards to 13" toshoulder and offer support for injection of accommodate instruments or offer a stablecontrast materials and for placement of PICC lines. surface to lean on. They slide on any38 "-thickReusable 2" Pad made of conductive, vinyl-armboard that is 6"W or less and they do notcovered foam with attached sleeve and strap sold interfere with articulating systems. Compatibleseparately.with#924910 , sold separately at right. 6"W x 3\'LRadiolucentPhenolicMR-safe4 lbs.MR-safe #924910UNIVERSAL ARMBOARD$202.00 ea 6Oide-on $rmEoard 3ad#932869$144.20 ea #9249282" PAD$59.50 ea \x0bsoOd separateO\\\x0cCalifornia residents, see left page. California residents, see left page.87'