b'SocketsClampsSURGICAL TABLE ACCESSORIESChoose durable stainless steel$Ouminum OoFNinJ FOampor versatile aluminumZont EreaN\x04FLATFLAT OR ROUNDn\x03Fits anywhere along railUniversal Rail Clamps secure$nodi]ed $Ouminum 6tainOess 6teeOaccessories with either round posts or \x1eat SOCKETSCLAMPSblades anywhere along the rail. No more searching for notchesthe clamp easily \x1fts in between existing sockets. Spring-loaded to \x1frmly snap onto the rail. Allows you to mount accessoriesSide Rail Sockets allow you toAccepts 1"W x14 " thick flat bladesFits all O.R. tables horizontally or vertically. Locks securely with amount accessories at rail ends orwith standard U.S. side rails ( 38 "W x 1 18 "H)3-year limited simple twist of the ergonomic handle.notches. Available in lightweight,warrantyAnodized Aluminum: 1 58 "W x 2 78 "L x 2"H2"W x 2"L x 2"HAnodized aluminum construction versatile Anodized Aluminum 0.35 lb.Stainless Steel: 1 34 "W x 1 34 "L x 1 78 "H0.75 lb. 0.5 lb.Accepts58 " diam. round postsAccepts 1"W x14 "that mounts horizontally or#95-196STAINLESS STEEL$74.00 eathick flat bladesFits all O.R. tables with standard U.S. sidevertically, or extremely durable Stainless Steel#930752ANODIZED ALUMINUM$94.50 earails ( 38 "W x 1 18 "H)3-year limited warranty that mounts vertically. California residents, see left page.#931899$134.50 eaCalifornia residents, see left page.Add a side rail to any table 1o soFNet needed FOiFNs on easiO\\EasiO\\ tiJKten or Ooosen KandOes to seFure taEOeRound posts easiO\\ insert into FOampFAX800.437.29662ne-nJer reOeaseFLATn Prevents surgical accessories from disengagingSide Rail SectionsAdd a side rail to AliMed.com 800.225.2610KYRA Secure-any table that doesnt have one! Use anyn\x03One-person hand table installation Release Clampsaccessory on any table. Non-marring surface isQuick-Snap Table Clamps provide aMounts and locks gentle to C-arm tables. Easy-on, easy-off handlesimple, one-snap attachment for one personsecurely anywhere makes removing clamp simple. to easily attach any AliMed Hand Table (p. 105). Noalong the side rail Durable, 6"L stainless steel side railBlue anodizedin one movement, aluminum baseFits any table up to 1 14 " thick need for Clark Sockets or other accessories. Aspreventing false rail #932033$230.00 ea soon as the hand table is parallel to the tabletop, aengagement. Clamp spring-powered trigger mechanism locks the handreleases only when California residents, see left page. table into place. Pull the trigger and the hand tablepurple button is can slide along the rail or be removed completely.pressed down. For use No assistance needed. with any \x1eat blade accessory. Autoclavable.Anodized aluminumWorks with any hand table with two12 "-diameter mounting rods on 4" center #960679$525.35 ea Compatible with all AliMed Hand Tables on p. 105. California residents, see left page.#932520$527.50 eaCalifornia residents, see left page.81'