b'IV StandsCLINICAL FURNISHINGSn Extra stability Choose your adjustment styleIV Stands sit on a 24"-diameter, polished die-castThe Tru-Loc is a plastic hand wheel or knob aluminum base with Wall Saver end caps to protectthat screws down to tighten pole friction at the against scuff marks. Available in 10 variations to meet yourdesired height. speci\x1fc needs. Choose from Stainless Steel or Chrome Posts, three different height-adjustment mechanisms,The Twistlock has a knurled knob that and Two- or Four-Hook interchangeable rams horn.compresses as you rotate it around the pole to Select your caster type: 2" nylon twin casters or 2" or 3"secure at its desired height. hard rubber swivel casters. All stands feature poly-coated hooks for secure grip. Choose one of our Heavy-DutyThe Auto Thumb or slide lock mechanism models for special features, including extra-durableis an internal device installed inside the pole chrome IV stand with 1"-diameter base pole, 1"-diameterthat allows the pole to be raised with one hand. extension pole, and choice of Four- or Six-HookOnce set at the desired height, it automatically interchangeable rams horn. Minimal assembly required. locks into place. To lower the pole, one simply needs to depress the thumb trigger and the 5 legs24"-diam., polished die-cast aluminum base pole can be lowered to the desired height. ITEM #POLEHOOKSADJUSTSTYPE OF ADJ.BASEPRICE IV STANDS #927249CHROME 2521 2 "-931 2 "HTRU-LOC5-LEG$189.13 ea#927250CHROME 4521 2 "-931 2 "HTRU-LOC5-LEG$199.38 ea#927253STAINLESS STEEL 252"-94"HTRU-LOC5-LEG$384.81 ea#927254STAINLESS STEEL 452"-94"HTRU-LOC5-LEG$396.55 ea#927255STAINLESS STEEL274"-110"HTWISTLOCK5-LEG$495.17 ea#927256STAINLESS STEEL474"-110"HTWISTLOCK5-LEG$519.89 ea#927257STAINLESS STEEL267"-98"HAUTO THUMB5-LEG$499.29 ea#927258STAINLESS STEEL 467"-98"HAUTO THUMB5-LEG$542.75 ea#927255 #927251CHROME, HEAVY-DUTY 456"-100"HTRU-LOC5-LEG$218.36 eaStainless Steel #927251 #927252CHROME, HEAVY-DUTY 656"-100"HTRU-LOC5-LEG$237.67 eawith Twistlock Heavy-Duty ChromeSpecify 2" nylon twin casters or 2" or 3" hard rubber swivel casters.with Tru-LocAdditional shipping charges may apply. California residents, see below.Clinician-based design n Super value chromeSuper Value IV Stands come with Two or Four Hooks welded to the pole. Four-leg, epoxy-coated base with Wall Saver tips. Twistlock height adjustment. Minimal assembly required.Adjusts 47"-85"HChrome pole4 legsEpoxy- Super Value coated base2" nylon twin castersIV Stand#9272442 HOOKS$65.75 eaCeiling Economy#9272454 HOOKS$80.34 eaIV Pole Light-DutyCalifornia residents, see below.FAX800.437.2966 Mobile IV PolenSlip-free height adjustment800.225.2610AliMed.com IV StandsQuality at an economi cal price. Tip-resistant base and scratch-resistant \x1fnish. Friction grip lock allows slip-free height adjustment. Two circular rams horn hooks. n German quality stainless steel Adjusts 40"-82"HChrome-plated steel pole 2 removable hooks4 legs25"-diam., low-profileProvita IV Poles offer a clinician-based design. Safer, easier screw heightbase2" rubber ball-bearing casters adjustment and better \x1euid resistance. Economy line comes standard with#95-770$82.75 eafeatures usually reserved for more costly models. Mobile model features four plastic hooks. California residents, see below.Mobile: Screw height adjustmentAluminum pole4 plastic hooks5 legs 25"-diam. base2" nylon twin castersLoad capacity: 2 liter/hookCeiling: One-handed operationFor 8\'-9\' ceilingsStainless steelLoad capacity: 3 liter/hook MRI#933663MOBILE$114.75 ea#933668CEILING$349.21 ea IV polesCalifornia residents, see below. p. 195California Proposition 65 StatementWARNING:This product can expose you to chemicals including Di(2-Ethylhexyl) Phthalate (DEHP), which is known to the State 308 of California to cause cancer and birth defects or other reproductive harm. For more information go to https://www.p65warnings.ca.gov.'