b'Instrument TablesStrong and durable mobile options CLINICAL FURNISHINGSBESTSELLER!#95-800 #920452Howard Sawyern Mobile instrument tables MRI version Instrument TablesLightweight, yet availableINSTRUMENT TABLESextremely durable. Sanitary closed hems prevent bacterial build-up. Sealed reinforcing channelsW x H x DHOWARDLBS.PRICE SAWYERLBS.PRICE provide structural rigidity. "-diameter legs are fully welded for strength and stability.20" x 34" x 16"#93012740$574.05 ea#93055630$687.78 eaTop shelves are turned down 1" and hemmed back "30" x 34" x 16"#93055450$738.25 ea#93055540$737.48 eaaround bottom layerBall-bearing swivel casters with33" x 34" x 18"#95-80060$771.21 ea#95-80545$751.00 ea3" conductive wheels18-gauge stainless steel 36" x 34" x 20"#95-80165$774.00 ea#95-80655$764.00 eaHoward model36" x 34" x 24"#930128110$853.82 ea#93055785$798.53 ea48" x 34" x 20"#930129120$924.18 ea#93055895$905.11 eaClear distance between top and lower shelf is 16" 48" x 34" x 24"#930131130$976.85 ea#930559110$925.97 eaSawyer model60" x 35" x 24"#930132200$1,500.56 ea#930561140$1,329.59 eaSeamless welded H-brace is approximately 10" 72" x 35" x 24"#930562235$1,732.19 ea#930563150$1,524.40 eafrom floor#920452 includes 3" casters that are 36" x 34" x 20"#92045255$1,007.75 eaMR-conditional to 3Tesla Additional shipping charges may apply. California residents, see left page.Save over $650 with a set!Set of all six instrument tables#95-820 $4,442.39 setFAX800.437.2966With H-Brace (Shelf model not shown) AliMed.com 800.225.2610n Stationary instrument tables n Detachable crank handle for use n Nested to save storage spaceWork TablesTop hem prevents bacterialon either end Nested Instrument Tables save valuable buildup, sealed reinforcing channels offer structuralManual Adjustable Instrument Tables space. Smaller tables easily roll beneath larger integrity. H-Braces are fully welded around legsTelescoping aluminum lifting column adjusts fromtablesno lifting necessary. with no crevices for dirt to collect. Shelf model36"-56"HDouble-thick tabletop of 20-gaugeStainless steel1" U-brace is welded to uprights 10" available in three sizes.nonmagnetic stainless steel turned down 1" on allfrom oorBall-bearing swivel casters with18-gauge stainless steel sides and reinforced with 16-gauge full subtop and2" conductive rubber wheelsfull-length, welded reinforcing channels underneathITEM #W x H x DSTYLEPRICE 3" conductive swivel casters, two with brakes ITEM #W x H x DLBS.PRICE #92564368" x 36" x 30"H-BRACE$2,374.39 eaITEM # WIDTHDEPTHLEG LBS.PRICE#95-82628" x 32" x 14"40 $740.33 ea#92564468" x 36" x 30"SHELF$2,453.20 ea CLEAR. #95-82532" x 34" x 16" 50 $765.58 ea#92564680" x 36" x 36"SHELF$3,284.41 ea #93087836"20"28" 140$3,060.13 ea #95-82436" x 36" x 18"60 $798.91 ea#92564892" x 36" x 44"SHELF$4,411.23 ea #93088336"24"28"150$3,069.29 ea #95-82340" x 38" x 20"80 $832.24 eaAdditional shipping charges may apply.#95-81148"24"40"160$3,382.26 ea #95-82244" x 40" x 22"90 $983.39 eaCalifornia residents, see left page. #95-81234"46"26"175$3,834.43 ea #95-82148" x 42" x 24"110 $990.86 eaAdditional shipping charges may apply.Additional shipping charges may apply.California residents, see left page. California residents, see left page.297'