b'DrSapweecri aTlrtayy CsartsMEDICAL CARTS8-Divider Tray for 3"H Drawer with 6-Divider Tray 14 ampule holdersfor 3"H Drawer and 2 rails with 2 rails16-Divider Tray6-Divider Tray for for 3"H Drawer6"H, 9"H, or 12"H with 3 rails drawer with 2 railsCART ACCESSORIESSEL STD WIDE3"H Full Drawer5"H Full DrawerFull Drawer TraysFully contained tray 2 516 "H, FITS 3"H DRAWERTray Kit Tray Kit makes moving contents from drawer to drawer quick and easy. Movable rails and dividers#9385026-DIVIDER TRAY$123.34 eaallow for multiple storage con\x1fgurations for up to#9385008-DIVIDER TRAY$178.19 eaSEL STD WIDE 20 compartments. Fits 3"H, 6"H, 9"H, or 12"H#93850316-DIVIDER TRAY$165.57 eaDrawer Tray Kits feature movable longDrawers. 8-Divider Tray includes ampule holders.5 516 "H, FITS 6"H, 9"H, OR 12"H DRAWERand short dividers to create various-sized21"W x 15"D6-Divider Trays: 2 rails8-Divider Tray:#9385046-DIVIDER TRAY$176.13 eacompartments. Full Drawer Tray Kit includes two14 ampule holders, 2 rails16-Divider Tray: 3 rails Compatible with Wide Series, but traystrays for side-by-side storage and dividers. Alsomay not fully \x1et drawer width. sold as individual components. Fits 3"H, 6"H, orCalifornia residents, see left page.9"H Drawers.16"W x 11"DEach kit contains 2 trays3"H Kit: 4WIDE MINIlong dividers, 8 short dividers5"H Kit: 2 long dividers,Full Drawer Trays for Mini Series 4 short dividers8"H Kit: 1 long divider, 1 short divider Fully contained tray makes moving contents3"H, FITS 3"H DRAWER from drawer to drawer quick and easy. Movable #935970FULL DRAWER TRAY KIT$83.58 kit rails and dividers allow for multiple storage #938508TRAY ONLY$23.43 ea con\x1fgurations for up to 8 compartments. Use two #938509LONG DIVIDER ONLY$3.80 ea trays side by side for a Wide Series Cart. Fits 3"H #938510SHORT DIVIDER ONLY$3.00 ea drawers. 4-Divider Tray includes ampule holders. 5"H, FITS 6"H DRAWER 14"W x 2 516 "H x 16"D4-Divider Tray: 10 ampule holders, 2 rails5-Divider Tray: 2 rails 4-Divider Tray with#935971FULL DRAWER TRAY KIT$89.64 kit 10 ampule holders #938511TRAY ONLY$29.61 ea #9365384-DIVIDER TRAY$186.60 ea and 2 rails#938512LONG DIVIDER ONLY$6.18 ea #938501 5-DIVIDER TRAY$130.55 ea 5-Divider Tray#938513SHORT DIVIDER ONLY$4.75 ea California residents, see left page. with 2 railsFAX800.437.2966 8"H, FITS 9"H DRAWER#938515FULL DRAWER TRAY KIT$89.35 kit SEL STD WIDE#938514TRAY ONLY$32.70 ea Full Drawer Trays with Clear Lid and California residents, see left page. Locks keep contents safe and secure. Optional Divider Set allows for compartmentalAliMed.com 800.225.2610storage. Additional Plastic Seals sold separately below. Fits 3"H drawers.22"W x 2"H x 16"D #938481DRAWER TRAY$90.38 ea Drawer Tray with #938482OPTIONAL DIVIDER SET$76.22 set Optional Divider Set#936530PLASTIC SEALS, 100/pk$71.07 pkCompatible with Wide Series, but trays may not fully \x1etDrawer Tray onlydrawer width. California residents, see left page.SEL STD WIDE MINISEL STD Non-Expandable TraysAvailable in two Expandable Trays \x1ft multiple drawerwidths for use individually for smaller items or widths and feature up to 8 storageinterlock multiple trays for larger storage capacity.compartments when fully expanded.2"H x 15 38 "D13"- 21"W x 2"H x 16"D #9393313"W$21.37 ea#936541$71.71 ea #9393306"W$21.37 eaCalifornia residents, see left page. California residents, see left page. 281'