b'Mayo StandsSide Rail MountedCLINICAL FURNISHINGSInfection control Adjust height, position, and tray pivotnBacteria and contagion barrierMayo Stand CoversMayo Stands easily cover tables, trays, andmount to side rail anywhere horizontal surfaces whenyou need them! Keep adhesion is not necessary.instruments within easy Serves as a bacterial andreach. Open up \x1eoor space with less contagion barrier. 20/cs.crowdingone less thing to get caught 54"W x 90"LSterile underfoot. The combination Secure to side rail with Individually packaged of the Clark Socket Plus andClark Socket Plus #931257$79.36 cs ($3.97 ea) the round-posted Mayo Standit attaches anywhere along the rail. California residents, see left page. allows many positioningAdjustable in 9 increments.options.Pressure relief Tray: 12"W x 19"LHeight adjusts to 20"#937343MAYO STAND$396.75 ea MAYO STANDS#937130CLARK SOCKET PLUS,EZ-ON$241.25 eaAdditional shipping charges may apply. California residents, see left page. Height adjusts n Never drop another instrument to 20"Magnetic Instrument PadsPivots withinnConvert your mayo stand to a hand table attract and hold surgical instrumentsClark SocketAliGel Mayo Stand PadsTurn a mayoand supplies. Flexible, with holding power. stand into a hand table for hand procedures.Reusable. Allows for hands-free transfers. 100% gel for pressure relief. Also use in lateral to11 12 "W x 14"L3 lbs.support arm and reduce pressure and nerve#932620MAGNETIC PAD$200.75 eadamage. #9326213/cs$491.40 cs ($163.80 ea)18 12 "W x 21"L x58 " thick100% gel #93262212/cs$1,284.50 cs ($107.04 ea)#925793$281.75 ea Additional shipping charges may apply. California residents, see left page.California residents, see left page.FAX800.437.2966nLightweight, easy to move n Economical, high quality n Low-clearance baseG. Economy InstrumentH. Single Post Mayo Stands I. Newark Mayo Stands StandsStainless steel tray onRemovable stainless steel tray. Tip style,Positive manual locking atchrome-plated steel base. Stay-putchrome-plated position base and pole withdesired height. Stainless steel knob keeps tray locked. height adjustment knob. with cast iron inner base for added Holds up to 15 lbs.5-year limited warrantystability. Flat base slides under lowAliMed.com 800.225.2610clearance equipment. TURN-KNOB MAYO STANDTRAY SUPPORTSHIP. MANUFACTURERITEM #MODELMATERIALS(W x L)BRACEHEIGHTCASTERS WT.PRICE G.GRAHAM-FIELD #91-639ECONOMYSS TRAY w/CHROME 121 2 " x 19"NO31"-50"2" CONDUCTIVE12 lbs$291.50 ea INSTRUMENT STANDBASE AND POST H.CLINTON#938202SINGLE POSTSS TRAY w/CHROME123 4 " x 19"NO31"-50"2" BALL BEARING12 lbs$175.56 eaINDUSTRIESMAYO STANDBASE AND POSTRUBBERI.BLICKMAN#95-713NEWARK MAYOSS TRAY, CHROME125 8 " x 191 8 "NO391 2 "-62"2" CONDUCTIVE36 lbs$647.25 ea POST, CAST IRON BASEAdditional shipping charges may apply. California residents, see left page.313'