b'Promote proper posture, reduceinjury and pain, improve productivityERGONOMICS\x16-\' desiJnBESTfor massaJinJn Gel comfort at your feet! SELLER!Fomfort\x0f pressure reOief\x0fMedical MatsTop surface is antimicrobial and and sKoFNantibacterial and offers necessary friction levels aEsorption for wet or dry environments. Dual-density " gel and " energy-return foam center with high-traction bottom surface. Easy to clean and compatible with hospital-grade quaternary cleaners. Welded, waterproof construction. Special Do NotDND Disturb (DND) Red Mats areRed Mata bright, vibrant red for use in nFluids \x1fow through mat\'s open grid no interruptionzones such%Oue as medicine-dispensing stations or0atPad-It Ergonomic Fluid Managementlaboratories. Rounded corners help ANTI-FATIGUE MATTINGMatsBreathable open grid allows \x1euids toprevent tripping. Also available in Blue. \x1eow through mat onto an absorbent pad (not" thickPolyurethane topCAL 117-compliant included, sold separately, below). 3-D design offers AntimicrobialMade in the USA1-year warrantymassaging comfort, relieves pressure, and absorbs 18"W x 24"L*18"W x 24"L, 5/CSshock to promote proper circulation. Diminishes knee, leg, back, and foot discomfort and prevents#712072BLUE$142.41 ea #712075BLUE $680.83 csnumbness during long periods of standing. Made#712073DND RED$137.50 ea #712076DND RED$655.24 csof waterproof, bacteria-resistant closed-cell EVA.20"W x 32"L*20"W x 32"L, 3/CS18"W x 27"LBlack #712078BLUE$200.74 ea #712081BLUE$587.87 cs#713891$228.26 ea #712079DND RED$200.74 ea #712082DND RED$587.87 csCalifornia residents, see left page.20"W x 48"L*20"W x 48"L, 2/CS#712084BLUE$272.69 ea #712087BLUE$527.10 cs#712085DND RED$272.69 ea #712088DND RED$527.10 cs*Sold individuallyCalifornia residents, see left page.Additional shipping charges may apply. California residents, see left page.Extra thick n Disposable with smooth surface support yet disposable!Disposable Surgical Comfort FloorMats Disposable, one-time comfort solutionfor surgeons, nurses, and technicians who stand 3ad KoOds appro[imateO\\during strenuous surgeries. Absorbs the impact and \x16 Oiters of OiTuid stress of standing while providing proper ergonomic FAX800.437.2966support to feet, legs, and back. Durable, smooth polyurethane top surface is \x1euid-, dirt-, and stain-resistant with slip-resistant bottom. Ideal for use nAbsorbs excess \x1fuids to help reduce falls when enhanced infection control is needed while5" thick!saving cleanup and turnover time. Not made with8DriFloor Absorbent PadsNo need to usenatural rubber latex. 5/cs. Eas\\ toblankets and towels on the \x1eoor anymore. Use20"W x 30"L x58 " thickAntimicrobial and antibacterial reFoJni]e as a AliMed.com 800.225.2610the DriFloor in all departments where \x1euids collect Non-toxic and phthalate-freeMade in the USABlue sinJOe-use maton the \x1eoor. Lightweight pad with a \x1euid-proof#926724$200.50 csnonslip backing holds approximately threeDisposable Surgical Stool Mats available, p. 368. California residents, see left page.liters of \x1euid and weighs approximately 7 lbs. when fully saturated. Disposable to help reducen Disposable \x1fuid-displacement matscross-contamination. Available in Pads or Rolls to cut to custom length. Flagship Surgical MatTapered \x1euid channelsPAD help maximize staff safety by reducing \x1euid buildup. Elasticity and cushioning alleviate stress #935603161 2 "W x 20"L, 75/cs$280.93 csand provide comfort during long procedures. #93560533"W x 40"L, 20/cs$240.76 csNonslip molded foam. Not made with naturalROLL rubber latex. Disposable. 10/cs. #93560733"W x 100\'L$325.48 rl 20"W x 39"LAntimicrobialAntistaticAdhesive- California residents, see left page. backed safety stripsMade in the USABlue)Ouid FKanneOs#936687$602.29 cs ma[imi]e staff safet\\Additional shipping charges may apply California residents, see left page.367'