b'Ultrasound GelsDopplersStandoffs for ULTRASOUND enhanced resolutionOriginal ClearHelps see structures n Conformable below skin betterReusable Acoustic Standoff Pads aid the study of structures just below the skin. Solid, homogeneous, tissue-equivalent gel pad coveredSterileby a soft, thin-\x1flm cover. Low-attenuation padsare very conformable and wont melt, freeze, orn Original ultrasound gel ULTRASOUND GELSDOPPLERSdry out under normal use. Reusable. 4"W x 6"LClean with soap and water Aquasonic Transmission Gels are the and non-irritating. Acoustically correct for a broad standard for diagnostic and therapeutic medicalrange of frequencies. Will not stain clothing or #9213791 cm$50.75 ea ultrasound applications. Recommended for all pro- damage transducers. Available in Original, Sterile, #9213802 cm$63.50 ea cedures where a viscous gel is required. Aqueous,and fragrance-free, color-free Clear. California residents, see left page. hypoa llergenic, bacterios tatic, non-sensitizing, SAVE WITH QUANTITY PRICING! SIZEITEM # QTYPRICEITEM # QTYPRICE ORIGINAL AQUASONIC 100nBetter1 1visualization4 -L BOTTLE (8 2oz)#340012/bx$55.25 bx ($4.60 ea)5-L BOTTLE#3401ea$45.00 ea#34034/cs$142.54 cs ($35.64 ea) Aqua\x1dex Standoff STERILE AQUASONIC 100 Gel PadsAqueous,20-g PACKET#340248/bx$108.50 bx ($2.26 ea)\x1eexible, and disposable. CLEAR AQUASONIC Better visualization of near-\x1feld and super\x1fcial struc tures 1-2 cm1 4 -L BOTTLE (81 2oz)#92137512/bx$53.50 bx ($4.46 ea)#92177972/cs$289.75 cs ($4.02 ea)beneath the skin. Requires no gel. 1-L BOTTLE#9213766/bx$86.25 bx ($14.38 ea)#92177712/cs$147.75 cs ($12.31 ea)2 cm H x 9 cm diam.Bacteriostatic and hypoallergenic 5-L BOTTLE#921377ea$40.00 ea #9217784/cs$137.75 cs ($34.44 ea)#9213786/bx$48.75 bx Additional shipping charges may apply. California residents, see left page.#92171036/cs$365.40 csCalifornia residents, see left page.Dopplers3" nBarrier protection and IV securement FAX800.437.2966in one dressingUltraDrape UGPIV Barrier and SecurementSterile, dual-action dressing uniquely designed for use during Ultrasound-Guided Peripheral Intravenous (UGPIV) to reduce nHandheld, procedure time, securement failure, and risk ofnon-directional 512 " infection. Provides both barrier protection and AliMed.com 800.225.2610Dopplex D900 securement in one dressing that is cost-ef\x1fcient Non-directional,and easy to use. Facilitates a no-touch, aseptic economical, pocket- procedure without compromising ef\x1fcacy or sized, audio only.impeding visualization. Removable \x1flm layer used Optional EZ8 (8-MHz)during ultrasound guidance is easily discarded, Wide Beam Probe foreliminating time needed to clean transmission gel easier location of vessels (sold separately below).from skin prior to securing IV while minimizing securement failure. 50/bx.3"W x 5 12 "L x 1"DBuilt-in speaker and output forDressing: 3 14 "W x 5 78 "LNot made with naturalheadphonesAuto shutoffIncludes headphones, rubber latexlarge carry bag, and gel10 oz.5-year warranty on unit #939265$146.00 bx#62074*w/PROBE$1,205.75 ea Additional shipping charges may apply. #932481EZ8 WIDE BEAM PROBE ONLY$611.82 ea California residents, see left page.*Specify 5- or 8-MHz probe. California residents, see left page. More Dopplerspp. 222, 223207'