b'Stainless Steel Utility CartsSTORAGE AND ORGANIZATIONUP TOn Tall guard rails reduce spills n Ideal for machinesGuard Rail CartsIdeal for any situationMobile Machine StandsHeavy-duty stands STAINLESS STEEL UTILITY CARTSwhere you are transporting items that couldconstructed with 18-gauge stainless steel tops, fall off the cart easily. Protective guard railreinforced by 1" x 1" angle. Excellent for laboratory, reduces spills and breakage of materials.cleanroom, or climate-sensitive environments. For Integrated push handle allows for easyall-purpose use in virtually any work area. Lower shelfn Economical but durablemaneuverability. Sound-deadening panelsholds accessories and other supplies. under shelves restrict vibration and noise.Two shelvesStainless steelEasy to clean and sanitize Standard Duty CartsIdeal for moderate Ships assembled. 4" all-swivel casters, 2 with brakesShips assembled loads over various standard \x1eoor surfaces.300-lb. Capacity: 27"W x 33 38 "H x 16"DShelf 500-lb. capacity27"W x 32 18 "H x 16"DStainless steelsize 15" x 24"Shelf clearance 9"3 shelves SHELF SIZE/DIMENSIONSReinforced, hemmed front on 22-gauge shelves3" swivel casters500-lb. Capacity: 31"W x ITEM #CLEARANCEW x H x DPRICE adds strengthGuard rail on open edge of top and 34"H x 19"DShelf size 18" x 27"Shelf clearance3 middle shelf, and all four sides of bottom shelf9"3 shelvesStainless steel4" swivel casters #93670720" x 24"/9"25" x 21 16 " x 21"$1,028.75 eaBumpers on legs and handles4" swivel casters,#93670820" x 24"/17"25" x 293 16 " x 21"$932.92 ea 2 with brakes52 lbs.500-lb. capacity#936715300-lb CAPACITY$480.50 ea #93671024" x 32"/17"33" x 293 16 " x 25"$1,354.41 ea#936716500-lb CAPACITY$675.65 ea #96-721$260.25 eaAdditional shipping charges may apply.Additional shipping charges may apply.Additional shipping charges may apply. California residents, see left page. California residents, see left page. California residents, see left page.Electronically welded seamsFAX800.437.2966Heavy Duty AliMed.com 800.225.2610n Best for heavy loads nEasy to push with ergonomic handle n Medium dutyHeavy Duty Carts with U-Shaped LegsErgo-One Medium-Duty Utility CartsMedium Duty Carts for moderate weight loads for heavy loads. Angled, electronically weldedIdeal for moderate loads. (2) stainless steel over various standard \x1eoor surfaces. U-shaped frame. 18-gauge reinforced stainlessshelves are in the safe zone for repetitive20-gauge stainless steel reinforced shelves16-gauge steel. Leg and handle bumpers. loading and unloading.legsProtective bumpers on legs and handle38 58 "W x 37 18 "H x 22 38 "DStainless steel4 Lake-Glide44 38 "HStainless steel with electronically welded 500-lb. capacityCasters: (2) 8" fixed front, (2) 5" swivel back700-lb.seamsLake-Glide 5" swivel casters with No-Mark#96-723275 8 "W x 333 8 "H x 163 4 "Dcapacity cushion treadsVertical handleTwo shelvesHandle4" SWIVEL CASTERS, 39 lbs$364.50 ea#9260252-SHELF $1,020.47 eaassembly required500-lb. capacity #926160391 4 "W x 371 4 "H x 223 8 "D#9260263-SHELF $1,108.82 ea #92442728"W x 16"D, 32 lbs$584.01 ea 5" SWIVEL CASTERS, 68 lbs$718.70 eaAdditional shipping charges may apply.#92442831 18 "W x 19"D, 35 lbs$683.10 ea #926161541 8 "W x 371 4 "H x 223 8 "D,California residents, see left page. Additional shipping charges may apply. 5" CASTERS, 2 SWIVEL, 88 lbs$1,328.49 eaCalifornia residents, see left page. Additional shipping charges may apply. California residents, see left page.Additional sizes at AliMed.com/utility-carts333'