b'Casting Equipment and ProtectorsORTHOPEDIC BRACING AND CASTINGCast Protectorsn Increased power, runs cooler longerM-PACT American Orthopedic Cast CuttersHeavy-duty, lightweight, and fast.Quiet operation. Hex drive for six-blade rotation.Arm Leg CSA-approved. 11"L10\'L power cordHospital-grade plug One 2 12 " diam. multipurpose blade (additional blades sold separately below)Wrench6.5 lbs.1-yearwarrantyBlue8nLYersal KXE fits #7158$1,706.02 ea Post Fast FXttersn Single-use solutionCalifornia residents, see left page.SEAL-TIGHT Seal BandsBag and band cover for in-hospital PICC or IV site protection. Individually packaged for single patient use. )our-staJe Otration Available for Arm and Leg. Not made with naturalsystem retainsCASTING EQUIPMENT AND PROTECTORSrubber latex. 21"L. 50/pk. 99.997% of particles#52543ARM$123.98 pk#66711LEG$134.33 pk nExtraction systemCalifornia residents, see left page. maximizesdust collectionDeSoutter CleanCastCC5A Low-VoltageCast Saw With Extraction Systems nRapid and ef\x1ecient cutting on theinclude CSA-rated 120V plug, cast saw, power thickest of body casts supply, hose kit, and extractor. The extractor has a four-stage \x1fltration system consisting of DeSoutter CleanCast CC4 High-Poweran easy-to-change Hepa\x1eow synthetic collection Cast SawsThe knurled grip close to thebag, two cloth \x1flters, and a micro \x1flter (retains saw blade provides the operator with excellent99.997% of all dust particles 0.5 microns). control and \x1eexibility of movement. ReplacementReplacement Bags sold separately below. High CleanCast Saw Blades can be rotated up to \x1fveand low suction settings. Rubber motor mounts n In\x1enity edge preventspedi times for maximum blade life. for quieter operation and reduced vibration. water from pooling on ring sizes 13 116 "L110-watt motor2.8 lbs.Oscillating speed: Extractor: Dust bag capacity: 7.5 litersSupply voltage: 14,000 CPMNoise level: 70 db(A)100-120 VACMax motor power: 1 kWFrequency:SEAL-TIGHT In\x1fnity offers the ultimate in cast50-60 HzSuction: 2,500 water gauge mmNoise level: and bandage protection. Unique in\x1fnity edge#713008$1,502.51 ea 58 dB(A)Filtration: 99.997% 0.5 micronsCC5: Length enhances protection and prevents water fromCalifornia residents, see left page. 13.1"Voltage: 120 VACOscillating speed: 1,400 CPMpooling on ring. Molded grips for easy, no-slip 2 12 " CIRCULAR BLADENoise level: 70 dB(A)Weight: 2.9 lbs.FAX800.437.2966application. Forms uniform watertight seal on the#713010PTFE-COATED, 5/pk$258.27 pk #713007CC5A LOW-VOLTAGE CAST SAW SYSTEMlimb. Stretches easily over cast or bandage andw/EXTRACTION $4,053.05 earesists tearing. For bathing and showering. Not#713011ION NITRIDE COATED$113.04 ea #713017DISPOSABLE COLLECTION BAGSmade with natural rubber latex. #713013TITANIUM NITRIDE$140.08 ea 10/pk $132.61 pkSizing: Measure cast length and circumference at widest#713014STAINLESS STEEL, 5/PK$268.57 pk Additional shipping charges may apply. point for best \x1et. Maximum cast length is given. California residents, see left page. California residents, see left page.ITEM #ADULT SIZELENGTHCIRC.AliMed.com 800.225.2610#52751HAND12"16"#52752SHORT ARM23"16" Cast Removal Tools#52753LONG ARM40"21"#52754WIDE SHORT ARM23"21" n Includes plastic drip bucket#67079SHORT LEG24"21" Height-Adjustable #67080LONG LEG42"28" Cast StandsUsed to #67081FOOT/ANKLE12"21" position foot for application #67082WIDE SHORT LEG24"28" of lower leg cast.ITEM #PEDI SIZELENGTHCIRC. 12 516 "W x 16"L #52755S, ARM12"16"Height adjustsZip Stick Cast Removal Aids protect patient #52756M, ARM19"16" from 12 12 "- during cast removal. Offers smooth path under #52757L, ARM29"21" 21" (infinitecast for scissors or cast saw. #67083S, LEG12"16" adjustments)19"LStandard and metric display#67084M, LEG17"21"Stainless steelIncludes plastic #67085L, LEG32"21" drip bucket15 lbs.#41000$7.00 ea$28.75 ea #710011$253.97 ea California residents, see left page.California residents, see left page. California residents, see left page.347'