b'Surface OverlaysMedium with CutoutSUPPORT SURFACESBEST 20"WSELLER!46 12 "LMedium-Length Add a cover for infection controln100% gel protectionAliGel Surface Overlays provide aThree-Piece Full Set"-thick layer of 100% viscoelastic gel protection to help reduce the risk of pressure injuries and skin shear" thickOne-Piece Surgical Table Overlay: Full: 20"W x 72"LMedium: 20"W x 46"L during long procedures. Gel maintains shape, stretch, Medium w/Cutout: 20"W x 46 12 "LShort:20"Wand shock-absorbing qualities. Choose One-Piece or20"W x 20"LSegmented Surgical Table SURFACE OVERLAYSSegmented styles. Optional Disposable CoversOverlay: Head: 20"W x 9"LTorso w/Cutout: reduce the risk of infection during surgical procedures.20"W x 39 12 "LFoot w/Cutout: 20"W x 20"L 9"L 39 1 / 2 "L 20"L ONE-PIECE SURGICAL TABLE OVERLAYHYGIENIC COVERSEGMENTED SURGICAL TABLE OVERLAYHYGIENIC COVER SIZEITEM #PRICEITEM #PRICESIZEITEM #PRICEITEM #PRICEFULL#95-930$682.50 ea #925804$26.00 ea 3-PC SET (HEAD, TORSO, FOOT)#95-363$741.04 set#925806$48.75 set MEDIUM#95-931$638.00 ea#925803$26.00 ea HEAD #95-364$102.50 ea MEDIUM w/CUTOUT#925790$648.25 ea#925805$36.50 ea TORSO w/CUTOUT#95-365$417.25 eaSHORT #95-939$185.75 eaFOOT w/CUTOUT#95-366$222.00 eaCalifornia residents, see left page. Additional shipping charges may apply. California residents, see left page.Innovative anti-slip solutionFull-Lengthfor patients and positionersFoot SectionNonslip Overlay Torso SectionHead SectionFAX800.437.2966Pre-cut Nonslip Disc Contours to20"W x 56"L x 1"Hfor smaller surface areas anatomy andnEconomical gel protectionn Autoclavable surgical surfacenDisposable to reduceAliBlue Surface Overlays provide a Nonslip Surface OverlaysKeepcross-contamination "-thick layer of 100% viscoelastic gel positioners and patients in place with thisprotection to help reduce the risk of pressure innovative materialuse with positioners toDisposable Surface Overlays areinjuries and skin shear during long procedures. GelAliMed.com 800.225.2610assure patient security at any angle duringconstructed of convoluted foam to provide maintains shape, stretch, and shock-absorbing procedures, reducing the need for tape or otheran additional layer of protection, increasing airqualities. Choose One-Piece or Segmented styles. adhesives. Reusable, autoclavable, andcirculation and reducing moisture buildup. Use on" thickOne-Piece Surgical Surface Overlay: Full-antimicrobial, the dual-sided silicone is ultrathinthe top of an existing support surface to improveLength: 20"W x 72"LMedium: 20"W x 46"LSmall: and \x1eexible to conform to any tables supportpressure redistribution and to help maintain blood20"W x 20"LSegmented Surgical Surface Overlay: surface. Surface Overlay is easy to clean and\x1eow during surgery. Single-use overlays allow forHead: 20"W x 9"LTorso w/Cutout: 20"W x 39"Lremove. Non-adhesive material is safe againstfaster room turnover and reduced risk of cross-Foot w/Cutout: 20"W x 20"L skin and wont leave residue on surfaces thatcontamination. Compressed to save storage could collect bacteria. Trim to any size andspace. 6/cs.ONE-PIECE SURGICAL TABLE OVERLAYworks even when wet. Both the Overlay and1 1 #960887 FULL-LENGTH$546.00 eaDisc stabilize gel positioners, coated foam, and20 4 "W x 56"L x 1 2 "HConvoluted foam #960879 MEDIUM$510.40 eavinyl-covered positioners from shifting. #937133$172.75 cs #960889 SMALL$148.60 eaAutoclavableOverlay: 20"W x 46"L (cut to size) Additional shipping charges may apply. SEGMENTED SURGICAL TABLE OVERLAY 1-mm thickPre-cut Disc: 9" diam.1.5-mm thickCalifornia residents, see left page. #960890 HEAD SECTION$81.60 ea#938108OVERLAY$72.25 ea #960888 TORSO SECTION$334.20 ea#938109DISC$31.00 ea #960921 FOOT SECTION$177.60 eaCalifornia residents, see left page. California residents, see left page.77'