b'Position-Speci\x1fcSets, pp. 34, 35POSITIONERSHead and Neck Positioners Upper Extremity94 "W 74 "52 "diam\x111 $duOt3 1 Positioners3 sKoZn diam\x11104 "LSUP SUP LIT FOW TRE REV 23 12 "LSupine HeadrestsErgonomically shapedHead DonutsProtect the head, neck, and to position head for eye surgery and otherears. Of\x1eoads occipital protrusion to protect6tandard /onJsupine procedures to help protect againstthe patient from pressure injuries and possible pressure injuries. Stabilizes head while providingblindness. Recommended for supine and easy access to face and top of cranium. lithotomy. Also use in prone toprotect knees.Adult: 9 14 "W x 10 34 "L x 3 12 "H6.2 lbs.Pediatric: 9"W xAdult: 2 14 "H x 7 34 " diam.1.45 lbs.Pediatric: 1 14 "H x ALILITE3 1 1 20"L104 "L x 22 "H3.0 lbs.52 " diam.0.65 lb.#931874ADULT$328.50 ea #931555ADULT$151.75 ea#937884PEDIATRIC$291.50 ea #931556PEDIATRIC$114.50 ea &ontoured /onJ#937280*HYGIENIC COVERS, 100/pk$36.00 pk SUP LAT PRO TRE REVCalifornia residents, see left page.*Fits Adult Donuts only.Armboard PadsCradle the arm and California residents, see left page. provide effective pressure relief during a variety of surgical procedures. Standard design offers a slight indentation while the Contoured 74 "52 design is anatomically shaped to conform to 3 1 "diam\x11 diam\x11 patients body for added pressure redistribution. LAT PRO Standard Short: 5"W x 15 34 "L x34 "H0.95 lb.Standard HorseshoesSupport patients face in a9"W 11"L PRO Long: 5"W x 23 12 "L x34 "H1.4 lbs.Contoured Short: 6"W x 15 34 "L x 1 38 "H2.9 lbs.Contoured Long: 6"W x lateral position to of\x1eoad ocular pressure.Prone HeadrestsPosition patients head 20"L x 1 38 "H3.3 lbs.Opening allows access for intubation. Also usecomfortably with respiratory tubes in place. for prone positioning with patients head turnedUnique design provides excellent support,STANDARDto side. stability, and protection during surgery in prone.#931551SHORT$71.25 eaAdult: 2 14 "H x 7 34 " diam.1.4 lbs.Pediatric: 1 14 "H xAdult: 9"W x 11"L x 6"H7.4 lbs.Pediatric: 7 12 "W x 9"L#931552LONG$102.50 ea5 12 " diam.0.55 lb. x 5"H6.95 lbs.CONTOURED#931553ADULT$137.50 ea #931696ADULT$296.25 ea #937889SHORT$144.75 ea#931554PEDIATRIC$118.50 ea #931697PEDIATRIC$235.00 ea #937888LONG$173.75 eaCalifornia residents, see left page. California residents, see left page. California residents, see left page.Lower Extremity PositionersFAX800.437.2966134 "L3284 "L 194 "W1 36"W SUP PRO REV 7"L 4"W SUP PRO AliMed.com 800.225.2610Dome PositionersPosition and protect Heel PadsSupport the Achilles and patients in many different applications. Idealeffectively remove pressure from the heels 7unneO desiJn for various procedures where safe pressure reliefin supine. Also use in prone to help reduce the aOOoZs for airand positioning is required. risk of footdrop. Sold in pairs.circulation LAT 36"W x 134 "L x 3"H4.6 lbs. 4"W x 7"L x 3"H2.5 lbs.Lateral Leg PositionersDesigned to#931871$239.25 ea #931873$152.75 prreduce pressure on knees and maintain properCalifornia residents, see left page. California residents, see left page.hip alignment during procedures such as kidney or hip surgeries. Place patient on side with upper limbKnee SupportsContoured padPROon top and lower limb underneath for optimalfor maximum surface contact andLarge20"Lpositioning. Use with Lateral Positioner (soldpressure protection in prone.sKoZnseparately, p. 32) for full body support in lateral. 6"W x 1 38 "HS: 15 34 "L2.9 lbsL: 20"L3.3 lbs19 34 "W x 28 14 "L x 6 14 "H9.1 lbs.#937889S$144.75 ea#937883 $405.00 ea #937888L$173.75 ea &ontoured to provide6"W ma[imum surfaFe supportCalifornia residents, see left page. California residents, see left page.MORE ALILITE POSITIONERSPP. 34, 35 33'