b'Apron AccessoriesRADIATION PROTECTIONProtection duringBack Support Belts help relieve back strain and fatiguepregnancyn Extra-\x1erm side supportsWearUniversal Back-Saver Belt undercan be worn over any kiltany apron, any style, by or apron any manufacturer. 6"W belt has extra-\x1frm sideFront viewsupports that help relieveBack viewn Maternity panel back strain and fatigue. grows with you Easy-to-use, 2"W quick-release buckle.Maternity Panels Sizing: Measure waist. S, 30"-38"; M, 38"-46"; L, 46"-56".add an extra 0.5 mmPb radiation protection at the#9-762$112.75 eatummy. One-piece panel \x1ftsSpecify size. underneath any apron, including vest/kilt styles, California residents, see left page.or can be worn separately as a mini apron.APRON ACCESSORIESHook-and-loop straps allow simple adjustment n Rigid supportas pregnancy progresses. 20"W tapers to 16"W16"HLightweight lead Adjustable Super Belts use a cinch-and- 0.5 mm Pb protectionKilt not includedBlack pulley system to evenly tighten the belt, #921002$240.10 ea making it possible to support a heavy radiation California residents, see left page. protection apron. Tear-resistant, vented nylon webbing provides long wear and ventilation. Plastic back support is extra rigidwont roll at Apron transport the waist. Simply put the belt on with the cinch system in back, overlap the hook-and-loop ends in front, then tighten the back cinch pulley for justBack viewApron wraps aroundthe right amount of comfortable support.hard cardboard tubeSizing: Measure waist. S, 25"-29"; M, 30"-34"; L, 35"-39"; to prevent damage XL, 40"-44"; XXL, 45"-50".#921864$214.83 eaSpecify size. California residents, see left page. Pulley tightens belt toAdjusted pulley attaches desired tension to front to retain tensionWith or withoutnAdjusts to accommodaten Safe apron transport Monogram short or long waistsApron Carry Bags offer a safe way toBlack Belt6"Welastic orthopedic belt transport apron between facilities. Apronsupports your lower back and takes aprons wraps around hard cardboard tube, which helpsweight off your shoulders. FAX800.437.2966prevent damage to protective materials. Black.Sizing: Measure waist. S, 28"-32"; M, 32"-36"; L, 36"-42".#935198 CARRY BAG $162.75 ea #920485$108.75 ea#935198M w/MONOGRAM $198.53 ea Specify size. California residents, see left page. California residents, see left page.Apron cleaners and disinfectants AliMed.com 800.225.2610n Brush away tough stains n Fast-acting surface wipes n Alcohol-freeScrubbles Apron Cleaner CaviWipes These highlyProtex SprayEPA-Enzyme-active formula cleanseffective, fast-acting disinfectantapproved, alcohol-free, barium, blood, and othersurface wipes with CaviCideone-step spray effectively common radiology-related stains\x1fght viral, bacterial, and fungalkills a wide range of bacteria, from protective aprons. Simplycontamination. Wipes kill TB inviruses, and fungi, including spray it on, let it soak, and brush. three minutes and MRSA, HIV1,MRSA, HIV, Staph, and more. 32-oz. spray bottle with brush HBV, and HCV in just two minutes.Disinfects hard, nonporous 160 wipes per canister, 12 canisters/cs. surfaces as well as sensitive #937910$40.24 ea #935997*CAVIWIPES$128.75 cs equipment. 12-oz. pump California residents, #931361CANISTER BRACKET$36.55 ea spray. 12/bx.see left page.*Hazardous materials must ship ground.#93678512$111.75 bx California residents, see left page. California residents, see left page.Softpack Wipes available p. 206149'