b'ORTHOPEDIC BRACING AND CASTING Cold/Hot Therapyn Versatile therapy Double-sealed for fewer leaks.ActiveWrapallows hot/cold packs to be easily rotated in and out as needed. Plush material with LYCRA lining for comfort and easy application. Lightweight gel \x1fll stays in place as opposed to traditional pack designs that push away under pressure. Adjustable compression straps provideHalf Sizeultimate hot/cold healingStandardrelief. Available to accommodate the following body parts: Shoulder, Knee, Back, Elbow, Foot/Ankle, Wrist, and Hip. IndividualShoulder KneeLarge Packs are virtuallyLarge Pack #713290SHOULDER, S/M$80.25 ealeak-proof and sold in#713289SHOULDER, L/XL$80.25 ea OversizeCOLD/HOT THERAPY pairs. Can be used with any#713293KNEE, S/M$64.50 easize Shoulder, Knee, and Back wrap models. Wraps not made with natural rubber latex. #713292KNEE, L/XL$64.50 ea#713295BACK, S/M$51.25 eaSizing: Shoulder: S/M: Chest under 40", L/XL: Chest #713294BACK, L/XL$51.25 ea Neck40"-52"; Knee: S/M: Under 18" (best for shin/calf injuries),#713538ELBOW WRAP, S/M$40.75 ea Cold Packs L/XL: Over 18" (best size for knees/thighs), Back: S/M:Double-sealed!Waist 34" and under, L/XL: Waist 34"-50"; Elbow:#713539ELBOW WRAP, L/XL$45.75 ea As effective as,(measure 3" above mid-line elbow): S/M: 10"-16", L/XL:#713299FOOT/ANKLE, S/M$45.00 ea and more durable than, over 16"; Foot/Ankle: S/M: Mens size 10 and under, L/XL:#713298FOOT/ANKLE, L/XL$45.00 ea compet itive brands at a Mens size 10 and over; Wrist/Hand: One size \x1ets all. #713300WRIST/HAND$37.00 ea great low price! These Hip Wrap: One size fits all21" x 161 2 "; Strap (each side):#713301HIP$91.50 ea packs stay cold, yet 15" x 6"; Pack: 131 2 " x 9"; 1-year warrantyREPL. HOT/COLD PACKS, 2/SET pliable for up to 30 Number of Hot/Cold Packs included with wraps: Shoulderminutes. Not made with (2); Knee (2 S/M, 3 L/XL); Back (1); Elbow (2); Foot/Ankle#713302LARGE PACK$19.75 set natural rubber latex.(2); Wrist/Hand (2); Hip (1 XL) California residents, see below. Nontoxic silica gel with blue vinyl coverITEM #TYPEW x LPRICE #32704HALF SIZE71 2 " x 11"$15.50 ea#32705STANDARD11" x 14"$21.50 ean Offer up to eight hours of therapy #32706OVERSIZE11" x 21"$35.25 eaCryo/Cuff and IC Systems use cooler,#32707NECK CONTOUR23"L$22.00 eatube assembly, and cuff for cold therapy andCalifornia residents, see below.compression. Cooler holds enough water and ice for six to eight hours of cryotherapy. Two models:Insulated Instant Hot Gravity-assisted Cryo/Cuff or Cryo/Cuff IC withPacksSoothing warmth up integrated pneumatic pump. Cryo/Cuff IC pumpto 110F. Single-side insulation FAX800.437.2966 within the cooler lid has a 30-second on/off cycleretains 50% more heat than for automatic intermittent compression. Cyclicalnon-insulated packs. Great for compression mixes chilled water inside cuff andlumbosacral back supports. maintains pressure necessary to help preventAnkle System Single-squeeze activation. Not hemarthrosis and offer cryotherapy. made with natural rubber latex. Shoulder sizing: Measure chest diameter. M strap \x1ets24/cs.32"-48"; XL, 42"-54". 800.225.2610AliMed.comCRYO/CUFF (w/o PUMP) 6"W x 8 34 "LDisposable #51614ANKLE SYSTEM$182.75 ea #31950$58.25 cs#62208SHOULDER SYSTEM w/M STRAP$181.75 ea California residents, see below.#62212SHOULDER SYSTEM w/XL STRAP $181.75 ea#62215COOLER & TUBE ASSEMBLY ONLY$73.25 ea Instant Cold PacksSafe andCRYO/CUFF IC (w/PUMP) Cooler and consistent 33F temperature for #66105ANKLE SYSTEM$215.13 ea Shoulder System Tube Assembly 30 minutes. Easy to activatejust #66107*SHOULDER SYSTEM$233.06 ea squeeze and shake. Not made #66108BACK SYSTEM$213.11 eaCUFF ONLY with natural rubber latex.#66104COOLER & TUBE ASSEMBLY ONLY$141.15 ea #62213SHOULDER CUFF w/M STRAP$119.75 ea DisposableSmall: 5"W x 5 12 "L*Specify size.#62214SHOULDER CUFF w/XL STRAP$127.50 eaMedium: 6"W x 8 34 "L California residents, see below. California residents, see below. #31946SMALL, 80/cs$72.25 cs#31947MEDIUM, 24/cs$29.00 csCalifornia residents, see below.California Proposition 65 StatementWARNING:This product can expose you to chemicals including Di(2-Ethylhexyl) Phthalate (DEHP), which is known to the State 356 of California to cause cancer and birth defects or other reproductive harm. For more information go to https://www.p65warnings.ca.gov.'