b'ORTHOPEDIC BRACING AND CASTING Spinal SupportsCervical Collars Lumbosacral SupportsA.Circumferential n Six sizes in oneadjustable height compression B. AnteriorVista Adjustable Collar Sets are sixand posterior collars in one. No need for sizing charts or extrarestrictioninventory. Pull and turn dial to select one of six height settings. Releasing height adjustment dial automatically locks size. Enormous tracheal aperture for functional access, airwayC. Moveable Vista TXmanagement, and other essential procedures.rigid side Collar Set Vista TX Collar Set includes a thoracic extension. panels#65409VISTA COLLAR SET$115.75 set#66101VISTA TX COLLAR SET$129.50 setVista CollarIncludes Collar and Replacement Pad Set.Set Replacement Pad Sets available at AliMed.com.California residents, see below.SPINAL SUPPORTS D. Telescoping n Moisture-wicking liner minimizes shoulder strapskin breakdown, restricts motion PDACAspenCervicalAPPROVEDCollars wick moisture while shell distributes head weight to shoulders and upper thorax. Designedn One size, easily adjustableto \x1ft upright or supine patients, these collarsHorizon Back Braces provide support, motion feature front and backrestriction, and pain relief for the lower spine for air\x1eow openings and an adjustable Occipitaln Economical those recovering from surgery or injury. Braces Support Strap. Each collar includes a breathablecan be made less supportive as needed. Easily pad set (front and back) and extra set ofFoam Cervical CollarsMedium-\x1frm densityadjustableone brace can \x1ft waists ranging replacement pads. polyurethane foam. Breathable. Anatomicallyfrom 24"-70"*. Integrated anterior panels on each Sizing: Measure from top of shoulder to bottom of chincontoured. Covered with 100% cotton stockinetteend of the brace for guaranteed midline support. and neck circumference (see chart below). for comfort. Not made with natural rubber latex. SlickTrack tightening system independently 2" hook-and-loop closurestightens top and bottom, allowing localized TOP OF 1 compression for maximum pressure relief. Firm SHOULDERNECK Sizing: All sizes \x1et 16"-24" circumference. S, 22 "H; SIZETO CHINCIRC.ITEM # M, 31 2 "H; L, 41 2 "H. but \x1eexible back panel naturally conforms to patient lordosis while providing structural support.SHORT 5 8 "13"-21"#62396 #60155$18.54 eaREG.5 8 "-11 4 "13"-21"#62397 Specify size. A. Horizon 627 Lumbar has the lowest-pro\x1fle TALL11 4 "-17 8 "13"-21"#62398 California residents, see below. design. Creates circumferential compression to X-TALL 17 8 "13"-21"#62399 increase trunk stability and relieve targeted pain.FAX800.437.2966$109.50 set #66714$122.97 eaCalifornia residents, see below. Suggested code: L0627B. Horizon 631 LSO provides anterior and Abdominal Supports posterior restriction. Promotes a rapid recovery and n Three- or four-panel support return to mobility.800.225.2610AliMed.com Abdominal Supports brace the abdomen#66715$172.00 eato reduce muscle fatigue and strain. DesignedSuggested code: L0631to reduce musculoskeletal vibration caused byC. Horizon 637 LSO with anterior and posterior driving, sports, and physical labor. Evenly distributedrestriction, plus moveable, rigid side panels that compression. Hook-and-loop closure. Not made withprovide lateral support.natural rubber latex.Front #66716$215.00 eaWhite Suggested code: L0637Sizing: S/M waist circumference, 30"-45"; L/XL waist circumference, 46"-62". D. Horizon 456 TLSO uses telescopingS/M shoulder straps to provide 13" of height adjustment to \x1ft even the tallest patients. Open shoulder strap #659619"H, THREE PANELS$28.75 ea con\x1fguration for easy on/off. Provides optimal #6596312"H, FOUR PANELS$28.75 ea %arLatrLF\x1eexion and rotation control. L/XL sizes#66717$247.00 ea#659629"H, THREE PANELS$28.75 ea available Suggested code: L0456 #6596412"H, FOUR PANELS$28.75 ea Back viewCalifornia residents, see below. *Extension panel #67105 required for waists 50"70". See AliMed.com for details.California Proposition 65 Statement Additional shipping charges may apply. WARNING:This product can expose you to chemicals including Di(2-Ethylhexyl) Phthalate (DEHP), which is known to the StateCalifornia residents, see at left.352 of California to cause cancer and birth defects or other reproductive harm. For more information go to https://www.p65warnings.ca.gov.'