b'ArrmmbbooaarrddssASURGICAL TABLE ACCESSORIESOur most versatile and easy-to-use armboardPivoting ArmboardsOur best-sellingBESTarmboards are easy to use and made with high-quality hardware. Standard modelSELLER!pivots 180 in 21 increments, while theStandardWidebody pivots 120 in 14 increments, so you can get the right angle you need every time. Lightweight Phenolic covered with a 2"-thick, black conductive vinyl-covered pad with zipper closure. Easily attach onto side rail with weighted trigger lock.Fits all O.R. tables with standard U.S. side rails ( 38 "W x 1 18 "H)Standard: 6"W x 24"L5.25 lbs.Widebody: 11"W x 27"L8 lbs. #95-091*STANDARD$368.75 ea#937852WIDEBODY$481.50 eaARMBOARDS*Compatible with wall-mounted Armboard Holder (#930437), sold on p. 84. California residents, see left page.7riJJer reOease for pivotinJ aFtion 6tandard rotates \x14\x1b\x13\x0f :ideEod\\ rotates \x14\x15\x136"W 6tandard 11"W :ideEod\\24"LE[tremeO\\ duraEOe and eas\\ to use 27"L+eiJKt adMusts up to \x14\x16\x055otates \x16\x19\x13nOne-handed operation; rotates 180 A. FAX800.437.2966Easy Armboard allows full 180 articulation. Spring lever securely locks the armboard to the rail, eliminating the uncertainty of gravity locks. Remove with one hand. Available in two pivoting models: n Lightweight andA. Lift-to-Position Armboards allow you to lift theend of the board and rotate to the desired position. AliMed.com 800.225.2610height-adjustable Weight of patients arm locks the board in place Radiolucent Armboards feature awhen lowered. permanently attached mounting post for B. Trigger Release Armboards eliminate broken height adjustment up to 13". Help ensure properarmboard teeth. Pull the radiolucent release6prinJ Oever operates from EotK sidespatient positioning: lateral, supine, prone, Fowlers,mechanism for full articulation and release it to lock.and beach chair positions. Lightweightonly 3.252" hook-and-loop strap includedHanging hole for storage lbs. Easy to use, durable, and easy to clean. Rotate6"W x 26"L100% radiolucent400-lb. capacity a full 360. Attach to side rail of standard operating room table with a Clark Socket (sold separately p. 78).#930713LIFT-TO-POSITION$310.07 eaArmboard: High-density polye thylene plastic6"W x 26"L#931238TRIGGER RELEASE$363.59 eax 1" thick15" x58 " diam. stainless steel mounting post Both models compatible with wall-mounted Storage and carry handleRadiolucent3.25 lbs.Pad:Armboard Holder (#930437), sold on p. 84.2" thick Polyfoam pad with black conductive vinyl cover Additional shipping charges may apply. #936703FARMBOARD w/PAD$287.25 ea California residents, see left page. 2ne-Kanded 7riJJer 5eOease #930189REPL. ARMBOARD PAD$86.00 ea B. st\\Oe eOiminates EroNen teetKCalifornia residents, see left page.MORE ARMBOARDSPP. 86, 87 85'