b'Wrist and Thumb SupportsORTHOPEDIC BRACING AND CASTING5"BeigeShort ElasticBlack 8 12 "nLimit motion withoutLong Elasticlimiting hand functionWRIST AND THUMB SUPPORTSFREEDOM Thumb Spicas for de Quervainsn Unimpeded \x1enger functionsyndrome, MP and CMC arthritis, andFREEDOM Short Elastic Wrist Supports FREEDOM Long Elastic Wrist repetitive motion injuries. AliSoft shell is held byAliMeds shorter version applies greaterSupports The longer design is perfect for wide elastic straps. Strap placement makes itsupport for the wrist, giving your hand theall-day support. Long forearm length optimally possible for a nonrigid shell to effectively restrictFREEDOM to function. Our unique elastic offers twodistributes pressure and hand weightwithout motion and offer support. Flexible enough tovarying degrees of compression, which is tighter inrestricting hand function. Offers an additional compensate for thumb volume changes. Terrycloththe wristwhere you need itand less restrictivebene\x1ft to those with weak or arthritic wrists. liner wicks moisture and doesnt trap heat. Adjuston the hand. Perfect for active workers, athletes, or shell with scissors to ensure distal edge of thumbanyone who needs a lower-pro\x1fle wrist support. The post doesnt interfere with IP joint motion. shorter length \x1fts well on users with larger forearms.Sizing: Measure circumference of hand at MP joints.SIZINGSHORT ELASTIC (BEIGE)LONG ELASTIC (BEIGE)*S/M \x1ets up to 7"; M/L \x1ets 7". (MEASURE WRIST CIRC.)LEFTRIGHTLEFTRIGHTXXS0"-41 2 " #5729#5728 SIZEBEIGEBLACK XS41 2 "-51 2 "#5761#5760 #5731#5730 S/M, RIGHT#5782 #5482 1 2 1 2S5"-6"#5763#5762#5733#5732S/M, LEFT#5783 #5483 M61 2 "-71 4 "#5765#5764#5735#5734M/L, RIGHT#5784#5484 L71 4 "-8"#5767#5766#5737#5736M/L, LEFT#5785#5485 XL8"-83 4 "#5739#5738$39.00 ea$38.00 ea $27.00 ea$27.00 ea$28.00 ea$28.00 eaCalifornia residents, see left page. *Available with non-removable plastic stay at AliMed.com. California residents, see left page. FAX800.437.2966ULTRApaddedPositioning SplintsFoam-covered bendable spineELBOW KNEE WRISTquickly adjusts without the useof heat or toolsAliMed.com 800.225.2610Comfortable, padded terrycloth cover absorbs moisture to help prevent skin maceration Offers a static progressivestretch to increase ROMElbow Orthoses Knee Orthoses Grip Orthoses#52676$130.50 ea #66888$151.75 ea #510327$83.25 eaCalifornia residents, California residents, California residents,see left page. see left page. see left page.Details at AliMed.com351'