b'Skin Markers IMAGING ACCESSORIESSuremark Skin Markers offer an advancedA. B. C.label adhesive and precise marker placement. Stay con\x1fdent knowing they will stay whereyou put them the \x1frst time, and they will BESTshow up clearly and consistently in your X-raySELLER!\x1flms. Backed by an unconditional money-back guarantee. Not made with natural rubber latex. 2riJinaO 6uremarN PowermarkLeft and Right MarkersD. E. F. G. H.Tabs Relief Tabs &ross-5eferenFe Visionmark Visionmark CTI. J. K. L.SKIN MARKERSMole Markers Clearmarks WireLead Arrows PRODUCTITEM #SPECIFYAPPLICATIONCOMPARE TO:QTY/BXPRICE A.LEFT & RIGHT #921175Specify Left or RightDisposable Left and Right Markers are great for bloody trauma R- & L-Spots*100$195.00 bx MARKERScases, portable procedures, and isolation cases.12 " lead letters.B.ORIGINAL #921167Specify ball size as 1.0, 1.5, 2.0, 2.5 mmReduce need for repeat exams by helping distinguish between X-Spots*110$101.00 bx SUREMARKnipple shadow and lesion. C.POWERMARK#921173Specify ball size as 3.0, 4.0, 5.0 mmSimilar to Original Suremark with larger lead ball sizes for visibility Z-Spots*50$110.00 bx in radiation therapy. D.TABS#921168Specify ball size as 1.5, 2.0, 2.5 mmSimilar to Original Suremark with added tabs to enable natural N-Spot*110$78.02 bx and conforming placement on more prominent nipples or wheremore skin contact is preferred. E. RELIEF TABS#921169 Specify ball size as 1.5, 2.0, 2.5 mmAdhesive-free center for pain-free removal on sensitive skin.N-Spot-Free*110$78.02 bxF.CROSS-#92118012 " lead cross on a tabbed label that is ideal for marking central St. John 50$103.00 bx REFERENCEaxis ray.Spee-D-Mark X G.VISIONMARK#921171Specify ball size as 1.5, 2.0, 2.5 mmNonmetallic markers for distinguishing between nipple shadow X-Spots*110$80.80 bx and lesion. Reduces need for repeat exams. H.VISIONMARK CT#921172Ball size is 3.0 mm Nonmetallic markers produce virtually no scatter. Sizes and ball CT Spots*50$96.56 bx #921183Specify ball size as 4.0 or 5.0 mmdensities speci\x1fcally for CT applications.50$134.00 bxI. LEAD ARROWS#921179Best for use when a directional marker is preferred (foreign bodies, D-Spot*100$115.00 bx points of entry, ribs, or radiation therapy). 1 mm x 8 mm lead arrow. J. MOLE MARKERS#9211762 reference pointsAllows for location of raised moles and other skin nevi without50$108.15 bx #9211773 reference pointsovershadowing microcalci\x1fcations. Radiolucent ring prevents 50$108.15 bx FAX800.437.2966\x1eattening due to compression. Available with 2 or 3 reference points. K.CLEARMARKS#921178Specify shape as Circle, Triangle,Metal-free semilucent markers clearly mark moles, entry points, and Circle-O-Spot; 110$107.00 bx or Arrowmass locations, yet enable clear visibility of underlying details. Triangle- A-Spot* L. WIRE#921174Specify wire size as 0.3 or 0.4 mmUsed for marking scar tissue, outlining palpable nodules, moles, S-Spot* 130" $77.00 bx #921184Specify wire size as 0.8 or 1.5 mmentry points, and in CT Scans. Available in four sizes.130"$145.00 bx*Beekley BrandAliMed.com 800.225.2610California residents, see left page.Versatile skin markers for any useBESTSELLER!Mini Surgical Markers provide the ideal solution for marking patients prior to surgery or in a nonsterile environment. Filled with traditional skin-marking ink and sized accordingly for single-patient use. About half the size and half the price of a full-sized marker, but contains the same amount of ink! Mini size creates less waste. Great for facial marking or procedures where less aggressive prep solutions are used. Packaged in convenient clear containers for full visibility and access in pre-op or exam room areas. Barrel and cap have a non-roll design while maintaining the comfortable round shape of traditional markers. Packaged in containers of 100. NonsterileFine/Regular tipGentian Violet ink#933292100/cs$51.00 cs Fine/Regular #933293500/cs$177.51 cs Tip#9332941,000/cs$326.51 csCalifornia residents, see left page. 4"171'