b'Emergency CartsClassic LineMEDICAL CARTSHarloff Emergency Carts store supplies needed in an emergency and feature quality construction with multiple con\x1fgurationsall backed by a 12-year warranty on manufactured parts. Classic Line offers maximum storage capacity. Accessories sold separately at3" 3"AliMed.com/mc (except where noted).3" 3"Features include:3" Unibody steel construction 6" 6" Full-extension, ball-bearing drawer slides Removable plastic top 12" 9" Powder-coat finishBreakaway lock Stabilizing pontoon bumpersEMERGENCY CARTS 5 " ball-bearing, full-swivel casters(1 directional, 1 braking)Space-saving Mini and Mini24 LinesA. 4-Drawer Cart B. 5-Drawer Cartavailable for areas with limited space.Details, pp. 262, 263.IV pole included3" 3"3" 3" 6"3" 3"3" 3" 3"6" 6" 3"3"3"12" 12" 3"3"3"3"FAX800.437.2966C. 6-Drawer Cart D. 6-Drawer Cart with Compartment E. 9-Drawer Pediatric Cartand Accessory Package Broselow color-coded drawer frontsAccessories included: Standard defibrillator shelfElectric outlet5-qt. sharps container in locking holder with attached glove box holderExtendable IV poleChartAliMed.com 800.225.2610holderSuction shelfCardiac boardOxygen tank holder # OFVERTICAL DRAWERSDRAWER SPACEDIMENSIONSITEM #PRICEA. 424"32"W x 391 2 "H x 22"D#926505$1,548.86 eaB. 524"32"W x 391 2 "H x 22"D#926506$1,637.70 eaC. 630"32"W x 453 4 "H x 22"D#926501$1,697.18 eaD. 630"32"W x 453 4 "H x 22"D#926507$2,536.63 eaE. 930"32"W x 453 4 "H x 22"D#925901$4,583.43 eaSpecify color, see options below. Additional shipping charges may apply. California residents, see left page.Harloff colorsBeige Burgundy Light Blue Red Teal YellowNavy Light Grey Hammer Blue Hammer Grey Hammer GreenMORE EMERGENCY CARTSPP. 260-263 259'