b'SUPPORT SURFACESGEL SURFACES T-FOAM SURFACESAkton dry viscoelastic polymers, the sameTemperature-sensitive properties enable the T-Foam to soften as temperature rises, gel as our trusted AliGel patient positioners,conforming to the patients curvatures more effectively for greater stabilization and redistribute weight evenly and move with thepressure reduction. The deeper the patient settles, the larger the weight-supporting patients skin to reduce shear, and controlarea, which helps avoid tissue trauma and pressure injuries.heat by radiating temperature, reducing risk of developing dangerous hot spots. Our highest level of pressure redistributionGel is heat-sealed to the Polyfoam pad Premium BEST38 " Akton Polymer Gel 2 38 "H Full 2" of T-Foam, with slowSELLER!reactive properties, provides better 2" Polyfoam stabilization for high-risk patients than2"HPolyfoamSURGICAL SURFACESFeatures shear-reducing 4-way stretch2" T-Foam fabric and \x1euid-blocking integrated air\x1eow systemGel-Topped Meets Boston Fire Code.Best for shear reduction andpressure redistribution Premium SaverExposed38 " layer of Akton polymer Best option for T-Foam properties at a gel heat-sealed over 2" of high-densityreasonable price 2"HPolyfoam12 " T-Foam Combines " of T-Foam with 1" of Polyfoam Meets Boston Fire Code. for better stabilization than Polyfoam alone Akton is a registered trademark of Action products Features shear-reducing 4-way stretch fabric1 12 " Polyfoamand \x1euid-blocking integrated air\x1eow systemPOLYFOAM SURFACES Meets Boston Fire Code.Our 2"-thick Basic Polyfoam surface is our most economical option. ThisPremium Seamlesssurface provides solid support for healthyElastic vinyl membrane is seam-free adults during procedures under an hour. Best for pressure redistribution with infectionand moves with T-FoamAnti-shear elastic cover with four-waycontrol emphasis 2"Hstretch reduces shearing forces.Easy-to-clean, \x1euid-proof vinyl coating with1 12 " T-Foam 1" of T-Foam for even support and " of FAX800.437.2966closed-cell foam to prevent bottoming outFeatures shear-reducing 4-way stretch fabric 2"H and \x1euid-blocking integrated air\x1eow system 12 " Closed-Cell Foam2" Polyfoam Meets Boston Fire Code.DeluxeAliMed.com 800.225.2610Our thickest pad is ideal for larger patients and lateral casesBasicExtra-thick, with 1" of T-Foam and 1"3"H 1 12 " T-Foam of Polyfoam, for maximum stabilization,Most economical choice pressure redistribution, and support thatConstructed with 2" of Polyfoam, similar towont bottom out original table surfaces Features shear-reducing 4-way stretch fabric and \x1euid-blocking integrated air\x1eow system 1 12 " Polyfoam Features shear-reducing 4-way stretch fabric and \x1euid-blocking integrated air\x1eowMeets Boston Fire Code.systemMeets Boston Fire Code.All of our Support Surfaces are not made with natural rubber latex.ORDER SURFACESPP. 70, 71 69'