b'Heel SuspensionTractionSmooth, Standard Convoluted, Standardn Choice of interiorSmooth or Convoluted foamWOUND CAREHeelift Suspension Boots fully suspend heel using adjustable elevation pad, dispersing pressure over calf. Medical-grade foam. Convoluted interior offers increased air circulation. Smooth interior helps minimize skin irritation for extra-sensitive skin. Exterior fabric covering along back of leg moves easily on bed linens to aid in patient mobility. Air holes offer added ventilation. Two adjustable hook-and-loop straps. Machine-washable in a net laundry bag. HEELIFTCALF CIRC.WT. RANGEITEM #PRICE ITEM #6/CS SMOOTH, PETITE6"-10"70-135 lbs #66016$52.25 ea#6601606$288.49 cs ($48.08 ea) CONVOLUTED, PETITE6"-10"70-135 lbs #66015$52.25 ea#6601506$288.49 cs ($48.08 ea)SMOOTH, STANDARD8"-14"130-250 lbs #63261$58.00 ea#6326106$317.10 cs ($52.85 ea) CONVOLUTED, STANDARD8"-14"130-250 lbs #62884$58.00 ea#6288406$317.10 cs ($52.85 ea) SMOOTH, BARIATRIC12"-23"250-600 lbs #66017$63.50 ea#6601706$367.50 cs ($61.25 ea)Additional shipping charges may apply. California residents, see left page.HEEL SUSPENSIONTRACTIONn Cushion of air \x1foats the heel for pressure reliefAir BootsNow you dont have to sacri\x1fce prevention and healing to stay within your budget. Easy-to-clean, n Compatible withlightweight boots use a cushion of air to SCD/ICD Devices elevate the lower leg for complete pressure PRUventorHeel Off- relief and improved air\x1eow to the heel. There Loading DevicesSoft, cool fabric and pressure- are two independent zones of in\x1eation. OnePressure-free, fully absorbing \x1flling protect bony prominences. Elasticzone \x1fts the boot to the foot and leg. Thesuspended heelstraps keep foot in neutral position. Open heelsecond zone allows adjustment of heel design makes off-loading of heel easily visible.height. Low-shear exterior slides easily to Stain-resistant material with Silbac antimicrobialhelp improve bed mobility. Extended footWaterproof,Cushion-soft panel offers moderate footdrop protection.wipeable flanneO interiortechnology. Anti-rotation wedge attaches to eitherFluid-resistant vinyl exterior is great for thosevinyl exteriorside of boot. Compatible with sequential andwith incontinence. Soft \x1eannel interior is intermittent compression devices (SCD/ICD). gentle on fragile skin and helps wick excess Long boot has additional SCD/ICD exits and strapperspiration. Ready to use out of the box. for leg security. Fits left or right. One size \x1fts men and women. 6 oz.Wipe cleanNot made with natural rubber latexas low as#66160*INFLATED$56.25 ea#67040SHORT, 9"L$106.09 ea #6616006*6/cs$241.25 cs $ 40 21#67041LONG, 13"L$117.16 ea #66223REPL. PUMP, 2/pk$20.00 pk . ea#67042X-LONG, 15"L$128.75 ea *Includes one free pump (not shown). California residents, see left page. California residents, see left page.FAX800.437.2966Traction Bootsn Helps prevent post-op pressure injuries on heelHeelift Traction Boots apply skinAliMed .com 800.225.2610traction to help stabilize femur fractures prior to surgery. Elevates leg and offers footdrop and rotational control, givingup to 10 lbs. of straight skin tractionfor fracture pain relief. Tricot backing n Comfortable open-cell foam reduces boot-bed friction. Smooth foam Bucks Traction SplintsComfortable, open- interior. For postoperative use, remove cell convoluted foam. Includes spreader bar,traction straps, plate, and rope to convert plastic medial and lateral stays, and hook-and- traction boot into Heelift Suspensionloop closures. Fits left or right. Boot for heel pressure prevention. Includes spare pad with adhesive backing, Beige hook-and-loop side traction straps, removable traction #6089218"L$35.00 ea plate, and rope. Bed-mounted traction frame, pulley, Post-op #6089322"L$37.00 ea and weight not included. One size. Fits left or right. heel California residents, see left page. #64560HEELIFT TRACTION BOOT$57.25 ea suspension#645616/cs$319.30 cs ($53.22 ea)Additional shipping charges may apply. California residents, see left page.361'