b'Position-Speci\x1fcSets, ppSurface Overlays . 30, 31POSITIONERS2ne-3ieFe 2verOa\\\x0f 0edium ZitK &utoutBEST 20"W20"W SELLER!46"L46 12 "L6eJmented 2verOa\\\x0f 7Kree-3ieFe )uOO 6et0edium-/enJtK20"W9"L 39"L 20"LAliGel Surface Overlays provide a" thickOne-Piece Surgical Surface Overlay: "-thick layer of 100% viscoelastic gelFull: 20"W x 72"LMedium: 20"W x 46"L protection to help reduce the risk of pressure Medium w/Cutout: 20"W x 46"LShort:Add a coverALIGEL20"W x 20"LSegmented Surgical Surface injuries and skin shear during long procedures.Overlay: Head: 20"W x 9"LTorso w/Cutout:for infection Gel maintains shape, stretch, and shock-absorbing qualities. Choose One-Piece or Segmented20"W x 39"LFoot w/Cutout: 20"W x 20"L controlstyles. Optional Disposable Covers reduce the risk of infection during surgical procedures.ONE-PIECE SURGICAL SURFACE OVERLAYHYGIENIC COVERSEGMENTED SURGICAL SURFACE OVERLAYHYGIENIC COVER SIZEITEM #PRICEITEM #PRICESIZEITEM #PRICEITEM #PRICEFULL#95-930$682.50 ea #925804$26.00 ea 3-PC SET (HEAD, TORSO, FOOT)#95-363$741.04 set#925806$48.75 set MEDIUM#95-931$638.00 ea#925803$26.00 ea HEAD #95-364$102.50 eaMEDIUM w/CUTOUT#925790$648.25 ea#925805$36.50 ea TORSO w/CUTOUT#95-365$417.25 eaSHORT #95-939$185.75 eaFOOT w/CUTOUT#95-366$222.00 eaCalifornia residents, see left page. Additional shipping charges may apply. California residents, see left page.AccessoriesHygienicHygienic Infection Control CoversDonut CoversConventionalcleaning would have a nurse wash and wipe down the head donut to remove \x1euids, and then disinfect. AliMeds Hygienic FAX800.437.2966Donut Covers are \x1euid-proof for safer, more thorough cleanup. Fits all Adult Donut sizes.100/pk. Head Donuts are available on p. 24.#937280$36.00 pkCalifornia residents, see left page. )itted 6Keet 6t\\OeAliMed.com 800.225.26103iOOoZFase 6t\\OeDisposable Covers for AliGelPILLOWCASE STYLE Surface OverlayReduce the risk of infection during surgical procedures. Available#925802$849.00 csin two styles: Pillowcase \x1fts AliGel Surface FITTED SHEET STYLEnRepair damaged gel products Overlays (sold separately above)#95-930 ,#925803FOR #95-931$26.00 ea#95-931 ,#95-365 ,#95-366 , 25/cs; Fitted Sheet#925804FOR #95-930$26.00 eaGel Repair KitsPatch repairs small cutsprovides a close \x1ftchoose the one matched#925805FOR #925790$36.50 eaand punctures on gel products. 4/pk. to your Surface Overlay. #925806FOR #95-363$48.75 set2 12 "W x 2 12 "L Pillowcase Style: 20"W x 72"LFitted Sheet Style: SeeCalifornia residents, see left page.#937981 $18.11 pk above for individual Surface Overlay dimensionsCalifornia residents, see left page.MORE ALIGEL POSITIONERSPP. 30, 31 29'