b'Anti-Fatigue Mats Surgeons, nurses, techs, and otherPromote proper posture, reduceinjury and pain, improve productivitymedical staff are often required to stand for extended periods of time, which can ERGONOMICS take a drastic toll on the body, leading to7aupelower extremity fatigue and muscle fatigue in backs, necks, and shouldersall of which%Ouecan greatly affect stamina and performance. Our full line of Anti-Fatigue Mats areBlackdesigned to absorb the impact and stress from standing while redistributing pressure and weight more evenly, helping to reduce muscle%OaFNfatigue and improve circulation for increased*re\ocus and productivityand a safer work environment. Choosing the right mat for the job n\x03Stain- and puncture-resistant surface WalnutDepending on the needs of your staff andAnti-Fatigue Mats are designed for comfort facility, there are several factors to considerand optimal support for workers. Cellulon5ed6top teFKnoOoJ\\ KeOps eOiminate when choosing a mat:Polyurethane Technology promotes healthysOippinJ and sOidinJ of matANTI-FATIGUE MATTINGEnvironment: Mats with \x1duid-displacementposture and support for the entire body, resultingnSlip-resistant technologyin reduced pain and fatigue. Constructed with channels or textured surfaces are best for wetBio-Foam, a plant-based renewable resourceMarble-Style Rubber Anti-Fatigue Mats areas while options that are autoclavable or canthat supports a greener environment. Heavy-dutyhelp increase productivity and safety by decreasing withstand high-level sterilization are ideal forone-piece construction for retail and commercialleg and foot strain.18 " marble-style rubber surface sterile rooms. work environments. Cellulon core rapidly returns topermanently bonded to a rubber sponge baseMaterial: Gel offers premium comfort forits original shape and will never bottom out undercushions workers feet. Sealed to help prevent prolonged standing, bounce-back foam retainspressure. NFSI-certi\x1fed for high-traction surfaces.water and moisture absorption. Beveled edges its shape and won\'t bottom out, and rubber isBeveled edges and rounded corners help preventhelp prevent tripping. Available in rolls atthe most durable for heavy-duty jobs. tripping. Fluid- and stain-resistant. Not made withAliMed.com. Infection Control: Choose disposable fornatural rubber latex. 12 " THICK easy cleanup and fast turnover, antimicrobial to34 " thickAntimicrobial5-year warranty #7104724"W x 36"L$88.45 eahelp resist the growth of bacteria, or reusable SIZEBLACK TAUPEPRICE #7104836"W x 60"L$206.37 eawith easy-to-clean surfaces. 20"W x 32"L #712749 #712752$97.25 ea1" THICK Standard and Specialty Sizes: Available24"W x 36"L#712753 #712756$119.94 ea #7105524"W x 36"L$108.75 eain standard widths and lengths with certain20"W x 48"L#712757#712760$145.19 ea #7105636"W x 60"L$249.34 eamodels available in rolls or stool sizes.36"W x 60"L#712765#712768$281.54 ea Specify Blue, Black, Grey, or Walnut. 20"W x 72"L#712761#712764$219.93 ea Additional shipping charges may apply. California residents, see below. California residents, see below.Anti-slip, wet or dry*re\\ 5ed %Oue *reenWheels roll right overFAX800.437.2966\x15: [ \x16/ si]e ts into standard autoFOaves n Withstand chemicals n Flexible and resilient for steriOi]ation No-slip ridges 8se roOOs for OonJ \x03 KaOOZa\\s or Fut to 800.225.2610AliMed.com ERGOMAT Hygiene Floor Mats are theAutoclavable Anti-Fatigue Mats providetKe riJKt OenJtKperfect solution for safety in environments thatcomfort in sterile environments. Resilient,n Reduce slips in high-traf\x1ec areasrequire caustic sterilization or disinfectant rotation,100% SBR/Nitrile compound is nonporous and such as operating rooms. Nonporous EPDMantimicrobial. Will \x1ft standard autoclaves. MoldedSafety NoSlip MatsUse to provide rubber stands up to steam-cleaning, pressure- knobs positioned for comfort. Beveled edges helpeffective slip protection for carpeting cleaning, and disinfectants with pH levels rangingprevent tripping. Not made with natural rubber latex. and \x1eoors. Ideal for use in high-traf\x1fc areas. from 1 to 13.5. Class 100 (ISO Class 5) cleanroom.2\'W x 3\'L 12 " thickUse where equipment and flooringOnly18 " thick so wheel s can roll right over it. Not made with natural rubber latex.must be sterilized100% nitrile rubber compound withFine rib corrugated surface provides traction 716 " thick with beveled edges2\'W x 3\'L size isantimicrobial additive passes ASTM G21-96 (2002) and captures moisture and dirt. Offers traction autoclavable3-year warrantyDurometer: 50 to 55 per ASTM D2240No deforma- to avoid falls in slippery areas. Rubber helps tions after 52 autoclave cycles of -120C @15psi for 20cushion impacts. Not for use in tub or shower. #9328902\'W x 3\'L$175.49 ea minutes using a Tinius Olsen Model H5KSCoefficientPre-cut, pre-measured Mats, or use Rolls to #9328922\'W x 6\'L$352.49 ea of friction: 0.78 dry, 0.68 wet, per ASTM F1677Taber abrasion: 1% lost @1000 cycles per Fed. Std. 191custom-\x1ft hallways or larger spaces. Rounded #9328913\'W x 4\'L$352.49 eaFlammability "A" rating per MVSS 302Grey corners help prevent tripping. Black.#9328933\'W x 6\'L$528.99 eaSpecify Grey, Red, Blue, or Green.#72155$177.75 ea #748792\'W x 3\'L MAT$39.00 eaAdditional shipping charges may apply.California residents, see below. #748802\'W x 75\'L ROLL$314.11 eaCalifornia residents, see below. Additional shipping charges may apply. California Proposition 65 Statement California residents, see at left.WARNING:This product can expose you to chemicals including Di(2-Ethylhexyl) Phthalate (DEHP), which is known to the State 366 of California to cause cancer and birth defects or other reproductive harm. For more information go to https://www.p65warnings.ca.gov.'