b'PositioningPerineal WedgesULTRASOUNDStandard WedgePOSITIONINGn Sit forward, sideways, or backwards n Easy pelvic accessBiodex Sonography Chairs allow technicians Pelvic Lift Wedges for to sit comfortably while providing support at anyquick and easy access to angle. Modern, ergonomic design offers multiplepelvic organs. U-Shaped adjustments for seat height, back height, andWedge has perineal cutout U-Shapedbackwards tilt tension, and features an integratedwith 3"H Super Constructa Standardseat slider. Includes foot ring for additional supportFoam base and 1"-thick T-Foamtop for and positioning. enhanced pressure protection. Standard Seamless vinyl250-lb. capacityCharcoal Grey Wedge is a medium-density Polyfoam positioner without cutout. Both U-Shaped #937120$1,714.53 ea and Standard Wedges have a radiol ucentHigh WedgeAdditional shipping charges may apply.blue vinyl cover with water-resistant California residents, see left page. seams. High Wedge is high-density Polyfoam for highest hip lift. Covered in bacterios tatic, black conductive vinyl with waterfall construction and water-resistant 45 Protecta-Coat TM seams for \x1euid protection.#91-142U-SHAPED WEDGE$258.25 ea#91-348STANDARD WEDGE$203.00 eaWedges U-Shaped Wedge: 20"W x 20"L x 4"H#930774HIGH WEDGE$221.00 ea Standard Wedge: 20"W x 20"L x 6"H Achieve the desired angle High Wedge: 18"W x 20"L x 9"H California residents, see left page.for breast ultrasound or paracentesis procedures.FAX800.437.2966Easy-to-clean Protecta-Coat has a seamless, vinyl-bonded coating that isn Fluid-proof and antimicrobialembedded with the antimicrobial properties of ionic silver. 7"W x 7"H. Protecta-Coat Perineal Wedges support, position, and redistribute #924952REG., 24"L$186.00 ea pressure while elevating the hips #937338LONG, 30"L$187.75 ea and providing greaterCalifornia residents, see left page. access for staff during AliMed.com 800.225.2610pelvic examinations. Support from \x1frm 3"H Super Constructa Foam base combined with pressure-redistributing 1"-thick T-Foam topper make this wedge unlike other products on the market today. Easy to clean with seamless antimicrobial surface to help reduce the risk of image artifacts.20"W x 20"L x 4"HSuper Constructa Foam andT-FoamVinyl-bonded coating#937911$555.75 eaCalifornia residents, see left page.211'