b'Trendelenburg Stabilizer Secure. Complete. Disposable. POSITIONERSProblem \x16 All-in-one,\x16Single-use reduces risk of infection Trendelenburg positioning often presents a high risk of patient shifting andno-slide solution and speeds cleanupsliding. Most professionals use a complex assortment of straps, foam, gel, tape, belts, and beanbags to secure their patient during procedures done in this position. A makeshift approach like this is often unsafe andDraw sheet securely unreliable, and does not ensure that the patientanchored to the table base wont shift or slide during the procedure. and strategically angled These challenges and one nursesstraps securely hold the determination to keep her patients safe andpatient in placecomfortable are what gave Tamra West, RNFA CNOR and Robotic Team First Assistant, the drive to design the AliMed Trendelenburg Stabilizer. TRENDELENBURG STABILIZERSolutionThe all-in-one Trendelenburg Stabilizer is a self-contained solution that provides ultimate stability for surgeons and exceptional safety for patients. The Stabilizer uses a draw sheet as a nonslip foundation, securely anchored to the tableSingle-use base and rails with integrated straps to preventfor greater any draw sheet sliding. Replaces traditionalinfection controlsheets and can be used to move the patient on the table. The kit also uses strategically angled straps at the chest and shoulders that work together to securely hold patients and prevent them from slipping and sliding. AdditionalAdditional straps hold straps wrap and hold patients arms in a neutralthe arms in a neutral, anatomical position, while convoluted foamanatomical position, padding distributes pressure evenly and protectswhile convoluted foam skin from injury. padding distributes The unique combination of the draw sheet,pressure evenly integrated straps, and foam takes the frustration and danger out of Trendelenburg positioning. Draw sheet with integrated straps secures patients in Trendelenburg positionTrendelenburg Stabilizers safely and securely position patients of any size for all surgical procedures requiring supine, left or right FAX800.437.2966tilt, lithotomy, or Trendelenburg positions, up to a 30 angle. This complete positioning systemAnchors stabilizersecures the patient to the O.R. table at the armsto table baseand chest with gentle padding to help prevent pressure buildup. The patient stays \x1frmly in placeStabilizes and wont slide down the table during thepatientprocedure. Positioning straps are long enough toto table AliMed.com 800.225.2610securely wrap around the height and added widthStabilizes of toboggan arm guards. Best suited for thearmsfollowing procedures: Robotic, Gynecological, Urological, Colorectal, and Laparoscopic. 6/cs.Draw sheet dimensions: 40"W x 60"LMaterials: Polyester/rayon draw sheetPolyester-blend straps High-density, open-cell convoluted Polyfoam shoulder/ arm/chest positionersSingle-useNonsterile #937126$830.00 csCalifornia residents, see left page. Draw sheet with Patent #8,539,621, #8,539,622, #8,539,623 integrated straps Foam paddingAwarded Best of Show Winner forWatch a video demonstration!Stabilizer Components:Draw sheet with attachedExcellence in Surgical Products.AliMed.com/trendelenburg hook-and-loop straps, one pair of foam arm pads,and one pair of foam chest pads65'