b'Patient Protection and PositioningBED POSITIONING AND SAFETYProtect from entanglement, bruising, and skin tearsBed Bolsters with built-in gap stuffer help reduce the risk of entanglement and shield patients against hard side rails and bed frames to help prevent bruising, skin tears,9"H BESTpressure injuries, and other skin-related traumas. TheSELLER!35"L Bolster offers protection for the top rail or at the head or footboard. The 70"L Bolster is ideal for full side rails. Available in: Upholstered Foam, Waterproof Foam with Antimicrobial, 4"Hor Clear In\x1datable.Overall height: 13"H (9"H above mattress, 4"H below mattress) &Oear InflataEOewith see-through design UpholsteredWaterprooflimits agitation for FoamStitchedFoam withconfused, restless patientsvinyl, wipe-cleanAntimicrobial coverdurable,is a fully encased economical, andcoated foam, PATIENT PROTECTION AND POSITIONINGeasy to set up.permanently Sold in pairs.treated with an antimicrobial agentClear In\x1datable with see-through design helps limit feelings to resist the growthof isolation and helplessness experienced by confused, restless, of odor-causingor agitated patients. Heavy-duty, puncture-resistant vinyl bacteria on thebolsters in\x1eate easily (with optional Foot Pump In\x1dator) and bolsters surfacesecure with integrated hook-and-loop ties. Includes hand bulb for the life of thein\x1eator (for minor adjustments) and repair kit. Available in 35"L #852135"L$152.75 pr product. Sold in pairs.onlyfor full rail protection, use two together. Sold in pairs.#854770"L$270.50 pr #7076135"L$257.30 pr #7541835"L$102.50 prAdditional shipping charges may apply.#7076270"L$475.46 pr #7541935"L, 2 pr/cs$198.19 cs($99.10 pr)California residents, see left page. Additional shipping charges may apply.#70829FOOT PUMP INFLATOR$20.00 eaCalifornia residents, see left page. California residents, see left page.Reduce pressure injury risksBody Positioning Wedges are used for side-lying support Uncoveredand trunk stabilization to maintain positioning schedules and help prevent Upholsteredpressure injuries. Positioning wedges with coated can be used anywhere your patients8"Hantimicrobial protectionneed \x1frm support. 45 wedge keeps Tuff-Coatshoulders and hips properly aligned for FAX800.437.2966greater comfort. Choose between two sizes: 28"L Full-Size wedge for larger patients and/or for maximum10"W 28"Lpositioning support; or 14"L Half-Size wedge for smaller patients and/or to allow better air circulation to coccyxFull-size Wedges measure 10"W x 28"L x 8"Hregion and to aid in wound healing. Tuff-Coat Wedge in use (Uncovered and Upholstered also available in 14"L Half-Size model. Bariatric is 8"W). AliMed.com 800.225.2610Uncovered Wedges Upholstered Wedges Tuff-CoatWedges BESTn Disposable, economical n Reusable, wipe clean n Antimicrobial coating SELLER!The economical choice for facilities. ThisCovered in bacteriostatic, water-resistant fabric thatCoating is treated with a silver antimicrobial agent, is the best option when used for infectioncan be wiped clean with traditional spray disinfectants.which helps resist the growth of odor-causing control or single-patient use. Disposable, low- Wedges can be surface-cleaned if soiled. Nonremovablemicrobes on the surface for the life of the wedge, cost foam wedges can be discarded if soiled.cover. Bariatric version is made with a higher-densitymaking these wedges safe for multi-patient use. 10"W x 8"Hfoam to resist the compression from larger patients. Seamless, waterproof outer coating for maximum Standard: 10"W x 8"HLight BlueBariatric: 8"W x 8"Hcleanability and infection control.#868128"L FULL-SIZE$29.25 ea600-lb. capacityGrey 10"W x 28"L x 8"H#8160314"L HALF-SIZE$19.00 eaAdditional shipping charges may apply.#868028"L, STANDARD$57.00 ea #82808$136.75 eaCalifornia residents, see left page. #8160414"L, STANDARD$47.00 ea Additional shipping charges may apply. #8295928"L, BARIATRIC$140.50 ea California residents, see left page. #8295814"L, BARIATRIC$74.50 eaAdditional shipping charges may apply. California residents, see left page. 363'