b'Dopplers3"5 1 2 " DIAGNOSTICSn Handheld, non-directionalDopplex D900 DopplersNon-directional, economical, pocket-sized, audio only. Optional EZ8 (8-MHz) Wide Beam Probe for easier location of vessels (sold separately below). 3"W x 5 12 "L x 1"DBuilt-in speaker and output for7 " headphonesAuto shutoffIncludes headphones,6 8 large carry bag, and gel10 oz.5-year warranty on unit#62074*w/PROBE$1,205.75 ea#932481EZ8 WIDE BEAM PROBE ONLY$611.82 ea*Specify 5- or 8-MHz probe. California residents, see left page.3" With ProbenAuto-correlationDOPPLERSNicolet Elite DopplersCon\x1fgurable, broad- With 1 Probebeam technology for multiple uses. Large proben Includes stethoscopeface quickly locates fetal heart tones.7 Pocket-Dop II DopplersFour interchangea ble 3"W x 68 "LAuto-correlation calculates fetal heart orprobe options and a built-in speaker eliminate need pulse rateIncludes built-in speaker, one probe, and for separate obstetrical and vascular Dopplers. 9V batteryOther probe sizes available by special order (call 800.225.2610 x103)0.6 lb.5-year warranty onStaff can clearly hear low systolic blood pressure.parts, 1 year on labor 2 14 "W x 4 14 "L x 1 14 "DFunctions: monitors pulse and #98STH19-10w/3-MHz PROBE$697.05 ea blood pressure; locates vessels for catheterization, #98STH19-13w/5-MHz PROBE$668.47 ea withdrawal, injection, or IV therapyIncludes: California residents, see left page. stethoscope, headset, rechargeable batteries, carry4 14 "case, and 1 or 2 probes10 oz.#931067*w/1 PROBE$971.03 kit#931069w/WATERPROOF,2-MHz PROBE$1,105.19 kit#931068**w/2 PROBES$1,244.24 kit REPLACEMENT PROBES 2 1 4 "8 7#98STH19-22-MHz$511.65 ea8 " #98STH19-33-MHz$511.65 ea#98STH19-45-MHz$511.65 ea#98STH19-58-MHz$531.48 ea*Specify one: 2-, 3-, 5-, or 8-MHz probe.**Specify two of 2-, 3-, 5-, or 8-MHz probes. California residents, see left page.FAX800.437.2966Perform an Ankle-Brachial index easily6 1 4" 5 1 2 " AliMed.com 800.225.2610n Handheld, bidirectionaln Wall-mount option Dopplex SD2 DopplersBidirectional, offers vascular information including \x1eow direction display. IMEXDOP CT+ Vascular and OB DopplersIdeal for ABPI assessment. Choose the Dopplex SD2 with EZ8 (8-MHz) Wide Beam Probe for Portable countertop/wall-mount ultrasound Doppler system. Digital vascular heart rate display. easier location of vessels and ease of maintaining vessel contact during in\x1eation/de\x1eation.6 14 "W x 8 78 "L x 4 14 "D2.7 lbs.3"W x 5 12 "L x 1"DBuilt-in speaker and output for #931073*w/1 VASCULAR PROBE$1,575.64 ea headphonesObstetric capability (audio only) with 2- or #931074**w/2 PROBES$1,898.55 ea 3-MHz OB probeAuto shutoffIncludes headphones, #931075w/1 WATERPROOF, large carry bag, and gel10 oz.5-year warranty on unit2-MHz PROBE$1,696.41 ea #933305*w/PROBE$1,599.59 ea 3"*Specify 5- or 8-MHz probe.#933306w/EZ8 WIDE BEAM PROBE$1,634.35 ea** Specify two of 2-, 3-, 5-, or 8-MHz probes. *Specify 2-, 3-, 4-, 5-, 8-, or 10-MHz probe.California residents, see left page.California residents, see left page. With EZ8 Wide Beam Probe223'