b'Accessible protection for staff and patients INFECTION CONTROL44 Horizontal Cover Your Cough Compliance Kits organize andSign Holderstore an assortment of tissues, face masks, and handVertical sanitizing dispensers/holders for patient infection protectionSign Holderin public waiting areas, of\x1fces, and lobbies. Durable kits are available in a range of mounting styles, \x1fnishes, and dispensing and signage options to best suit your facility.1 3 21 Placement anywhere Counter/WallHand SanitizerShown in Station Dispenser Cherry Choice of Free-Standing or Counter/ FauxwoodWall Stations featuring keyholes for wall mountingfor placement just about anywhere 3 12 Styled for your facility HandFree-SanitizerStanding Available in three attractive \x1fnishes to matchHolder Stationyour facilitys decor: Quartz Beige, Maple ISOLATION ORGANIZATIONFauxwood, or Cherry Fauxwood3 Hand sanitizing convenience 2Available with a re\x1fllable holder for commonlyShown sized Hand Sanitizing Bottles/Canisters or anin Maplealready installed Dispenser Fauxwood Download a FREE sign at4 Cover Your Cough sign holders AliMed.com/ic-signsProminently display important infection prevention information for patients in Horizontal or Vertical sign holdersFree-Standing StationsHAND SANITIZER HOLDER*ITEM #STATIONSTANDSIGNPRICECOLOR**COLOR**HOLDER A. #938882QUARTZ BEIGE BEIGEVERTICAL$329.00 ea#960641MAPLE FAUXWOODWHITEVERTICAL$550.00 ea#960642CHERRY FAUXWOODBLACKVERTICAL$550.00 eaB. #938883QUARTZ BEIGE BEIGEHORIZONTAL$332.83 ea#960685MAPLE FAUXWOODWHITEHORIZONTAL$458.35 ea A. B. C. D.#960686CHERRY FAUXWOODBLACKHORIZONTAL$458.35 ea HAND SANITIZER DISPENSERC. #960687QUARTZ BEIGE BEIGEVERTICAL$458.35 eaFAX800.437.2966#960688MAPLE FAUXWOODWHITEVERTICAL$566.50 ea#960650CHERRY FAUXWOODBLACKVERTICAL$675.00 eaD. #960643QUARTZ BEIGE BEIGEHORIZONTAL$555.00 ea#960644MAPLE FAUXWOODWHITEHORIZONTAL$675.00 ea#960645CHERRY FAUXWOODBLACKHORIZONTAL \x03 $675.00 eaConsumables not included with Stations. MapleWhite CherryBlack BeigeBeige Additional shipping charges may apply. California residents, see left page. Station StandStandStandStationStationAliMed.com 800.225.2610Counter/Wall StationsHAND SANITIZER HOLDER*ITEM #STATION COLOR**SIGN HOLDERPRICE E. F. G.E.#960635QUARTZ BEIGEVERTICAL$175.00 ea#960637MAPLE FAUXWOODVERTICAL$265.00 ea#960639CHERRY FAUXWOODVERTICAL$265.00 eaF. #960636QUARTZ BEIGEHORIZONTAL$175.00 ea#960638MAPLE FAUXWOODHORIZONTAL$265.00 ea#960640CHERRY FAUXWOODHORIZONTAL$270.00 ea HAND SANITIZER DISPENSERG. #960646QUARTZ BEIGEHORIZONTAL$270.00 eaConsumables not included with Stations. California residents, see left page.*Holder accommodates one hand sanitizer bottle or hand sanitizer wipes canister. **Stations are made of ABS Plastic; Stands are made of powder-coated steel.Locking lid.MapleCherryQuartz Visit AliMed.com/ic for more speci\x1ecations. Beige 117'