b'Skin MarkingOPERATING ROOM SAFETYSkin Markers are all compliant with TJC Universal Protocol for correct-site surgical marking. Viscot has used nontoxic, FDA-approved Gentian Violet ink in their Surgical Markers for over35 years. Available in a variety of tips, sizes, sterility options, and marking accessories.Full-Sized Skin Markers Mini Skin MarkersBESTnMost popular modeleconomicalSELLER!nDual Ultra\x1ene tip Mini Surgical Markers provide the ideal solution for marking patients prior to surgery or for precise lines in a nonsterile environment. Filled with traditional Blephmarker skin-marking ink and sized accordingly for single-Surgical Markers\'uaO 8Otrane 7ip patient use. About half the size and half the price have twin ultra\x1fneof a full-sized marker, but contains the same tips \x1flled withamount of ink! Mini size creates less waste. traditional skin- Great for facial marking or procedures where less marking ink on bothaggressive prep solutions are used. Packaged inFine/Regular Tipends of the marker.convenient clear containers for full visibility and SKIN MARKINGIdeal for surgeonsaccess in pre-op or exam room areas. Barrel and4"needing precise linescap have a non-roll design while maintaining the#933292100/cs$51.00 csfor facial procedures.comfortable round shape of traditional markers.#933293500/cs$177.51 cs100/cs. Packaged in containers of 100. #9332941,000/cs$326.51 csSterileIncludes ruler NonsterileFine/Regular tipGentian Violet ink California residents, see left page. Dual Ultrafine tips Gentian Violet ink n The \x1erst prep-resistant ink markers#936784$142.41 cs Mini XL Surgical Skin Markers contain California residents, see left page. skin-marking ink that lasts 10 times longer than traditional skin markers even after pre-operative scrubbing with common alcohol-based antiseptics such as ChloraPrep or DuraPrep. The Mini XL, successful in millions of clinical trials, features patent-pending ink that remains visible after prepping patients, allowing cliniciansFine/Regular to better see the surgical site as recommendedTipn Allow patients to sign andby The Joint Commission Protocol for Correct mark with a bold tip Bold Tip Site Marking. Additionally, it will virtually eliminate#936782STERILE, 100/cs$150.24 csSign-Your-Site Pre-Surgery Skin Markersthe need to remark patients once theyre in the#936781NONSTERILE, 100/cs$73.25 cshave a bold tip to provide a broader line to coverO.R. for plastic surgery procedures. Packaged in#93678102NONSTERILE, 200/cs$115.75 cslarger surface areas. These nonsterile markers arecontainers of 100. #93678105NONSTERILE, 500/cs$264.37 csSterile with Ruler or NonsterileFine/Regular tip #93678110NONSTERILE, 1,000/cs$516.80 cs\x1flled with traditional skin-marking ink and are idealfor the patient to make a signature or marking on Vixlprep-resistant purple ink California residents, see left page.both the correct and incorrect site prior to surgery. 100/cs. Waterproof, multi-purpose markerFAX800.437.2966NonsterileBold tipGentian Violet inkMR-safe #924771$68.75 cs nWide offering of tip sizesCalifornia residents, see left page. for various applicationsPrecision Skin Markers have thehighest quality tips and traditional ink8OtraneRegular AliMed.com 800.225.2610that is scrub-resistant, non-toxic, andTip nFor hard surfacesTiphighly visible. Offered in two types ofand labelstips. Ultra\x1fne Tip is for use when a very \x1fne line is required, particularlyWaterproof Permanent Markers have n Brilliant Blue Ink is Plastics, ENT, and Ophthalmic. BroadBroadbeen designed to support writing on labels, visible on all skin types Fine/Regular Tip Tip provides a virtual paint brush forTip plastic (i.e., Asepto syringe), glass, etc. Filled AllSkin Surgical Skin Markers featuremarking larger surface areas, but can also with alcohol-based, smudge-free, waterproof, a brilliant blue ink. This unique color is visible onbe turned on an angle to provide a much permanent, nontoxic ink. Suited for writingvirtually all patient skin color types, including darker- thinner line. 100/cs. on larger surface areas. skinned patients. 100/cs. SterileIncludes rulerChoice of Ultrafine or Broad TipNonsterile or SterileSterile version includes rulerGentian Violet ink and 4 labelsRegular tipBlack Ink SterileIncludes rulerFine/Regular tipBlue ink #924766ULTRAFINE TIP$170.44 cs#924768$177.51 cs #924772NONSTERILE, 50/cs$51.25 cs#924767BROAD TIP $178.96 cs #924773STERILE, 100/cs$156.30 csCalifornia residents, see left page. California residents, see left page. California residents, see left page.111'