b'StretchersSAFE PATIENT HANDLINGn Hands-free hydraulic height adjustment for precise placement5400N Universal Transport StretchersOverall dimensions: 29"W x 83"L x 23" to 32" Hare versatile stretchers for any department Patient surface: 27"W x 77"LSide rails: 63 58 "L x where cost, ef\x1fciency, and quality are required.15"H5 78 " clearance between floor and cowling easily Have all the same features as the Generalaccommodates patient lifts500-lb. capacityLitter Transport Stretchers (below), but include hands- positioningPneumatic-assist Fowler backrest: 0-90 free hydraulic height adjustment using dual Positive/negative Trendelenburg single pneumatic-assist cylinderTrendelenburg: +12Reverse side-mounted foot pedals. Sturdy steel columnTrendelenburg: -7Full-length side rails withwith single hydraulic lift cylinder design uses 16single releaseTrue Direction steering8" castersprecision ball-bearings to smoothly raise and lower Brake- and steer-activated foot pedals4 cornerthe patient. Includes 3"-thick stretcher mattressIV pole receptacles4 restraint strap positionsand IV Pole. O 2Holder Basket and Chart Holder Full PVC perimeter bumper1-year warrantyare not included, but available by special order. Call#922858$5,922.50 ea800.225.2610 x103 to order.Additional shipping charges may apply.California residents, see left page. Includes stretcher mattress and IV Pole STRETCHERS(not shown)n Five height positions5110N General Transport Stretchers Overall dimensions: 29"W x 83"L5 fixed-litterFull-length tuck-away side rails allow for easiertop height options: 28"-32"Patient surface: 27"W x 77"Lpatient transfer by creating a zero transfer gap. Side rails: 63 58 "L x 15"H500-lb. capacityFowler Pneumatic cylinder provides assistance for thebackrest: 0-90Trendelenburg: +12Reverse safe and easy raising, lowering, and angling of theTrendelenburg: -7Full-length side rails with single patient for Fowlers, Trendelenburg, and ReversereleaseNon-hydraulic8" castersBrake- and steer-activated foot pedals4 corner IV pole receptaclesTrendelenburg positions. Sturdy steel column 4 restraint strap positionsFull PVC perimeterdesign with \x1fve \x1fxed-litter top height positions.bumperWipes clean, easily disinfected1-year warranty True Direction steering system allows improved#9239515110N STRETCHER$4,918.25 easteering control. Steering pedal locks bottom-right#9234973"-THICK MATTRESScorner caster for easy navigation.Mattress soldFOR 5110N STRETCHER$458.75 easeparately. IV Pole, O 2Holder Basket, and Chart Holder not included, but available by special order.Bumper color: Grey is standard. Red, Teal, and department- Available withCall 800.225.2610 x103 to order. speci\x1ec graphics are available by special order. department-speFiF JrapKiFsAdditional shipping charges may apply. California residents, see left page.FAX800.437.2966n Extra heavy-duty, reinforced frame1190 Bariatric GurneysExtra heavy-dutyOverall width: 40"Deck height: 29"Patient surface: reinforced stretcher frame provides maximum35"W x 80"LLitter: 39 38 "W x 80"LTransfer gap: 1" stability for transporting patients up to 1,000 lbs. Fowler backrest8" castersFull non-marring bumperFeatures IV receptacles in all four corners, 4"-thickrail1000-lb. capacityBeechwood powder-coat finishAliMed.com 800.225.2610high-density litter pad, foot-pedal-controlled#78449BARIATRIC GURNEY$6,975.93 eahydraulic Fowler backrest, and three-position#78452IV POLE, CHROME$166.00 eadrop-down side rails. 8" all-surface casters with#78453IV POLE, STAINLESS STEEL$161.35 ea4-wheel central lock. Optional telescoping IV PoleAdditional shipping charges may apply.available in Chrome or Stainless Steel, both soldCalifornia residents, see left page.separately, at right. Reinforced frame for ma[imum staEiOit\\ Patient MRI Stretchers Gait Belts Slings Alarms and LiftersAliMed.com/alarms p. 188 p. 216 p. 217219'