b'AliStrap Precut Positioning StrapsSave O.R. and Imaging prep timeSTRAPS\x16 \x16 \x16No cutting, noNo cutting orIndividuallySkin-safe, soft measuring, no hassles measuring wrapped andedges, strong required ready to use closurePrepping your patients for O.R. or Imaging procedures can be a lengthy process, so having to waste valuable time searching for scissors or measuring tape to cut just the right size strap can be an addedAliStrap 3"W Great for frustration.plastic surgeryConvenient precut lengthsAliMeds best-selling AliStrap is now available in convenient precut lengths designedAliStrap Soft 2"WARMBOARD STRAPSto speed up your prep time while minimizing disruption to your sterile environment.All the features of AliStrap AliStrap 1 12 "WWith a strong, self-adhering, back-to-back hook-and-loop closure and skin-safe, soft edges,AliStrap Soft 1 12 "Wthese Precut Positioning Straps are safe enough to use against patients skin yet strong enough to secure accessoriesall without leaving behind sticky, bacteria-trapping residue. Perfect for single-use applications. n No cutting, no measuring, no hasslesAliStrap Precut Positioning Straps Positioning your patients for are available in original AliStrap or fully Positive padded AliStrap Soft for fragile skin. Straps are individually wrapped for greater infection control and ready to use right out of the box to quicklyOutcomes and easily secure arms to armboards, IV linesand catheters or hot/cold therapy devices to FAX800.437.2966extremities, or even accessories to your O.R.table. Sold in boxes of 12 or cases of 120.RadiolucentMetal-freeMR-safe Use to gently and quickly position arms on armboardsITEM #PRICEITEM #PRICE ALISTRAP PRECUT12/BX120/CS AliMed.com 800.225.261011 2 "W x 30"L #926725$66.25 bx ($5.52 ea)#939163$628.25 cs ($5.24 ea)11 2 "W x 38"L #939182$88.25 bx ($7.35 ea)#939183$837.25 cs ($6.98 ea)3"W x 30"L#926726$121.75 bx ($10.15 ea)#939164$785.00 cs ($6.54 ea) ALISTRAP SOFT PRECUT12/BX120/CS11 2 "W x 30"L#926727$67.25 bx ($5.60 ea)#939165$639.25 cs ($5.33 ea)11 2 "W x 38"L#939184$98.25 bx ($8.19 ea)#939185$889.50 cs ($7.41 ea)2"W x 30"L#926728$80.50 bx ($6.71 ea)#939166$765.00 cs ($6.38 ea)Details, pp. 22-67 2"W x 38"L#939206$112.75 bx ($9.40 ea)#939207$1,000.00 cs ($8.33 ea)California residents, see left page.Made to order sizes and volume discounts availableCALL!11'