b'MR-Conditional WheelchairsMRI WheelchairsSpeci\x1fcally designed for use in the MRI suite and constructed with nonmagneticUP TOmaterial. Available in 18"W, 22"W, 24"W, and 26"W Seats with load capacities ranging from 250-550 lbs. Accessories and replacement parts are MRIavailable below. All wheelchairs have MR clearly and visibly marked on the back. Upholstery colors vary. See chart below for details and sizes. Back: 18"HRear wheels: 24" solidFront casters: 8" x 1" solidMR-Conditional to 3TeslaMR identification05 identiFation dispOa\\ed on EaFN Neeps FKairs in tKe riJKt department \x14\x1b\x05: :KeeOFKair \x15\x19\x05: %ariatriFSEATFLIP-UPOVERALL DIMENSIONSITEM #W x DFOOTRESTSARMSCOLORWIDTHHEIGHTDEPTHWEIGHT WT. CAP.PRICE#92181018" x 16"FIXEDREMOVABLENAVY26"35"44"44 lbs250 lbs $1,953.34 ea WHEELCHAIRSDESK#92181118" x 16"FIXEDREMOVABLEGREEN26"35"44"44 lbs250 lbs $1,953.34 ea DESK#92181220" x 16"REMOVABLEREMOVABLEGREEN28"38"33"46 lbs250 lbs $2,210.64 ea DESK#92181322" x 18"REMOVABLEREMOVABLENAVY30"38"33"46 lbs350 lbs $3,764.50 ea DESK#93545924" x 18"REMOVABLEREMOVABLENAVY32"38"35"48 lbs350 lbs $3,255.00 ea DESK#921814*26" x 20"REMOVABLEREMOVABLENAVY35"38"36"67 lbs550 lbs $5,387.75 ea BARIATRICDESK*Includes under-seat cross braces for additional support and durability. Additional shipping charges may apply. California residents, see left page.MRI Transport ChairsSpeci\x1fcally designed for use in and around the MRI suite, these Transport Chairs are MR-Conditional to 3Tesla. Available in both 18"W and 20"W Seats with a 250-lb. load capacity. Each chair has a storage pocket on the back. Accessories and replacement parts are available below.MR-Conditional to 3TeslaGreen18"W Seat: Four 8" x 1" solid wheels and a safety belt20"W Seat: Two 8" FAX800.437.2966x 1" solid front casters and two larger 12" solid rear casters with wheel locks \x14\x1b\x05: 7ransport \x15\x13\x05: 7ransportSEATFLIP-UPOVERALL DIMENSIONSITEM #W x DFOOTRESTSARMSCOLORWIDTHHEIGHTDEPTHWEIGHTWT. CAP.PRICE AliMed.com 800.225.2610#92181818" x 16"REMOVABLEFIXEDGREEN26"35"31"40 lbs250 lbs $2,113.30 ea SWINGAWAYDESK #92181920" x 16"REMOVABLEREMOVABLEGREEN25"35"27"45 lbs250 lbs $2,285.31 ea SWINGAWAYFULL ARM Additional shipping charges may apply. California residents, see left page.Parts and accessories IV POLEREAR ANTI-TIPPERS WITH RUBBER TIPSO 2E-CYLINDER TANK HOLDERAdjusts from 48"-63"H. #935460$78.25 pr #921816$179.00 ea#921815$169.75 ea FOOTRESTSO 2E-CYLINDER TANK HOLDER/IV POLE COMBO BRAKES #939167FOR 18"-24" WC, LEFT$148.50 ea #921817$277.00 ea#935467LEFT$72.25 ea #935469FOR 18"-24" WC, RIGHT$148.50 ea Additional shipping charges may apply. #935468RIGHT$72.25 ea #935470FOR 26" WC$508.56 pr California residents, see left page.187'