b'Reduce cross-contaminationULTRASOUND3 14 "W size available for larger 3D/4D transducersB. 3.5 cm x 20 cm Latex Probe CoversLoose-\x1ftting rolled latex covers available in Sterile or Nonsterile. Bulk packaging (100/bx or 500/bx) with protective light-sensitive bags for extended A. Eclipse Probe CoversSoft covers are 3 14 "W size available for larger 3D/4D transducers.shelf life (colored Elastic Bands sold separately on pre-gelled inside with Aquasonic 100 UltrasoundNonsterile. Not made with natural rubber latex. p. 209), or perforated Individually Pouched Transmission Gel. Non-irritating and non-sensitizing. covers include one colored elastic band.TRANSDUCER/PROBE COVERSC. TEE Probe Covers and Bite BlocksD. CIV-Flex Probe CoversSoft, pliableE. Rolled Latex Probe Covers for easy feature a custom-tapered design to prov ide amaterial is comforta ble for patients. Durable CIV- application in sterile environ ments. Larger sizes tighter \x1ft to adult, small adult, and pediatric Flex material is acoustically transparent forare offered in an extended length for additional transd ucers. Preloaded on the applicator. distortion-free imaging. Tapered.#921836withsterile coverage. Includes sterile Aquasonic 100 #921833includes bite block and gel-\x1flled syringe.sterile cover includes sterile Aquasonic 100 gelgel packet and colored elastic bands.Sterile and Nonsterile. Not made with naturalpacket and colored elastic bands. Not made with rubber latex.natural rubber latex. INDIVIDUALLY W x LLATEXSTERILEPOUCHEDQTYITEM #PRICE A.ECLIPSE PROBE COVER21 2 " x 91 2 "No*NoNo100/cs #936074$107.50 cs ($1.08 ea)31 4 " x 91 2 "No*NoNo100/cs #936787$113.75 cs ($1.14 ea)31 4 " x 91 2 "No*NoNo600/cs#93678706$617.75 cs ($1.03 ea) B.3.5 cm x 20 cm LATEX PROBE COVERFAX800.437.2966 3.5 cm x 20 cmYesNoNo100/cs#920332 $47.00 cs ($0.47 ea)3.5 cm x 20 cmYesNoNo500/cs#8385LW$170.44 cs ($0.34 ea)F. Polyethylene Probe CoversEconomically3.5 cm x 20 cmYesYesYes50/cs#921835$129.52 cs ($2.59 ea)priced polyethylene covers are commonly used 3.5 cm x 20 cmYesNoYes50/cs#920328$90.38 cs ($1.81 ea)in sterile scanning and puncture procedures.C.TEE PROBE COVER AND BITE BLOCKThree-dimensional box end. Includes sterile Aquasonic 100 gel packet and colored elastic113 16 " x 48"No*NoNo12/cs#921833$259.56 cs ($21.63 ea) 800.225.2610AliMed.com bands. Not made with natural rubber latex.tapers 113 16 "-1"113 16 " x 48"No*YesYes12/cs#922046$194.41 cs ($16.20 ea) D.CIV-FLEX PROBE COVER 11.9 cm x 61 cmNo*YesYes24/cs#921836$222.48 cs ($9.27 ea) tapers 11.9-3.8 cm 11.9 cm x 61 cmNo*NoNo24/cs#920321$92.44 cs ($3.85 ea) tapers 11.9-3.8 cm E.ROLLED LATEX TRANSDUCER COVER2" x 1113 16 "YesYesYes24/cs#8385LL$247.00 cs ($10.29 ea)37 8 " x 18"YesYesYes24/cs#920335$287.11 cs ($11.96 ea) F.POLYETHYLENE PROBE COVERG. Preferred Medical Telescopically Folded,4" x 24"No*YesYes20/cs#920336$213.21 cs ($10.66 ea)72"L Extended-Length Probe Covers offer G.PREFERRED MEDICAL TELESCOPICALLY FOLDED, 72"L EXTENDED-LENGTH PROBE COVERadditional sterile protection when performing puncture and drainage procedures. Includes5" x 72"No*YesYes20/cs#95-138$205.55 cs ($10.28 ea)adhesive. Not made with natural rubber latex.*Not made with natural rubber latex. California residents, see below.California Proposition 65 StatementWARNING:This product can expose you to chemicals including Di(2-Ethylhexyl) Phthalate (DEHP), which is known to the State 208 of California to cause cancer and birth defects or other reproductive harm. For more information go to https://www.p65warnings.ca.gov.'