b'Instrument CareSURGICAL INSTRUMENTSHigh-level disinfection tray Instrument CareMILTEXTodays practitioner realizes the importance of careful cleaning and sterilization of instruments. TheB.dangers of cross-contamination are all too evident. However, there are ways to prepare instruments for sterilization that not only enhance the effectiveness of the procedure, but can also improve the performanceC.of the instrument and add to its useful lifespan. A. Instrument Stain RemoverMultipurpose use; effective on instruments, autoclaves, ultrasonic cleaners, or any stainless steel or plated surface. Special powdered formula will not harm instrument surfaces. 3-oz. jar. A.#98CLE9-3$13.00 eaCalifornia residents, see left page.B. Instrument CleanerSpecially formulated for INSTRUMENT CAREuse in ultrasonic or manual cleaning of instruments, glassware, plastic, metal, or rubber goods. 8-oz. bottle.Cidex Solution TraysDesigned to#98CLE9-2$15.75 eaaccommodate medical instruments and rigid or \x1eexible endoscopes. With perforated inner linerCalifornia residents, see left page. D.and lid. C. Spray Lube, Instrument LubricantPre-4 12 "W x 11 12 "L x 5"H mixed, non-silicone formula in a convenient spray bottle. Lubricates all moving parts on instruments. #98CLE4-11$145.19 ea Helps prevent spotting, staining, and rusting. 8-oz California residents, see left page. bottle. #98CLE9-1$15.75 eaCalifornia residents, see left page. E.D./E. Instrument Cleaning BrushesHeavy plastic handle. 7 14 "L. 3/pk.D.#98BRU4-1STAINLESS STEEL BRISTLES$21.00 pkE.#98BRU4-2NYLON BRISTLES$22.00 pkCalifornia residents, see left page.Instrument SafetyFAX800.437.2966n Nonmagnetic and autoclavableSoffzone Safety TraysRe-sterilizable silicone trays save money and reduce biowaste. Reusable and autoclavable.Raised silicone contours securely grip AliMed .com 800.225.2610instruments while low-pro\x1fle designTrayminimizes blind reaching for sharps. Non- n Reusable magnetic drapesmagnetic to reduce the risk of magnetizing instruments. Sized for use on mayo stands,Magnetic Instrument Pads attract and hold surgical eliminating the need to place neutralinstruments and supplies. Flexible, with holding power. zone on patient. Mini Tray has a reducedReusable. Allows for hands-free transfers. footprint for single sharps. Syringe Holder has needle-capping guards. 6/cs. Mini Tray 11 12 "W x 14"L3 lbs.Tray: 6"W x 9"LMini Tray/Syringe Holder: 3"W#932620MAGNETIC PAD$200.75 eax 9"L#9326213/cs$491.40 cs ($163.80 ea)#938118TRAY$351.23 cs #93262212/cs$1,284.50 cs ($107.04 ea)#938119MINI TRAY$283.25 cs Additional shipping charges may apply. Syringe Holder California residents, see left page.#938120SYRINGE HOLDER$317.24 csCalifornia residents, see left page.See our full line of O.R. Safety products,pp. 108-115251'