b'CT AccessoriesIMAGING ACCESSORIESProtect againstcross-contaminationBESTSELLER!For tables without side railsOne closureCT ACCESSORIESNo side railsn Narrow straps provide easy access to patientsUniversal Body Straps \x1ft around anyn For headsetsimaging or surgical table. Soft, washable cotton-duck canvas material is stitched with CT Sanitary Headset hook-and-loop closure for extra-long durability. Covers \x1ft over headsets Wraps around tables without side rails. Radiolucent.to help reduce cross-5"W x 60"LGrey with 2"W Black hook-and-loop closurescontamination duringMR-safe CT scans. Soft and #9-934 $97.50 ea comfortable. Not made with natural California residents, see left page. rubber latex. 1,000/cs. More ImmobilizationSmall: Fits smaller headsets up to 3 12 " diam. as low asLarge: Fits larger headsets up to 5 12 " diam. Solutionspp. 14-17 #936494 SMALL$160.75 cs 16ea#936493 LARGE$162.00 csCalifornia residents, see left page.More Products for CTn\x03\x03S\x03 ecure arms on CT/MRI tablesCT/MRI Arm HoldersSoft, FAX800.437.2966Head Immobilization \x1eexible strap allows arms to relax and remain in p. 52 position on narrow MRI and CT tables. 2" of hook attached to 68" of soft loop wont irritate skin.Reusable and washable, yet economical enough AliMed.com 800.225.2610for single-patient use to help prevent cross-contamination. 3/pk.3"W x 70"LAdjustableRadiolucentMetal-freeMR-safeSupport Surfaces #937740$79.50 pkpp. 72, 73 California residents, see left page.EyeMore Patient Comfort Breast Thyroid Solutionspp. 190, 191 Radiation Protectionpp. 160, 161183'