b'Allen Hand TablesSURGICAL TABLE ACCESSORIESn Lightweightonly 3.5 lbs n Use with or without leg n Legless design with self-bracing frameCarbon Light Minor Procedure HandCarbon Light RectangularBasic Carpa Hand TablesLegless design TablesSmall ultra-lightweight table forHand TablesUse withoutwith rigid, self-bracing frame. Radiolucent top for procedures such as carpal tunnel releases and removable leg when access ismaximum access. Drop-in rail attachment for any AV \x1fstulas. Compatible with any O.R. table. paramount. Add Optional Leg forO.R. table. 1" pad included.Pad sold separately. procedures that require rock-solid14"W x 26"L9.7 lbs.15"W x 24"LTwo round58 " posts3.5 lbs. stability. Compatible with any O.R.2ptionaO /eJ #923524CARPA HAND TABLE$1,480.88 eatable. Pad sold separately below.#923521MINOR PROCEDURE $1,986.42 ea #930722REPL. PAD, 1"$230.46 ea HAND TABLES ALLEN#9235221" PAD$250.00 ea 15"W x 30"LTwo round58 " posts6 lbs. Additional shipping charges may apply. #9235232" PAD$204.71 ea #923508RECTANGULAR TABLE$2,647.87 ea California residents, see left page.#932033SIDE RAIL EXTENSION$230.00 ea #9235091" PAD$173.75 eaCalifornia residents, see left page. #9235102" PAD$216.90 ea#923511OPTIONAL LEG$808.29 eaAdditional shipping charges may apply. California residents, see left page.2ptionaO /eJInFOudes tZoeOEoZ restsn Basic rectangular tableBasic Rectangular Handn Foldable leg n Telescoping legTables feature a telescopingCarbon Light Hourglass Hand Basic Hourglass Hand Tables feature a leg for additional supportTables include elbow rest, integral telescoping leg (sold separately below) for (sold separately). Attach toclamps, and integral leg. Adjustable added support, providing additional surface for any O.R. table. 1" padsupport leg can be folded under table. Integralsurgeons elbows or instruments. Attach to any included. mounting clamps allow vertical adjustment to alignO.R. table. 1" pad included.14"W x 32"L10.9 lbs. with pads on X-ray tops. Pad Sets (sold separately)14"W x 32"L13.9 lbs.include table pad and two elbow rest pads.#923512RECT. HAND TABLE$2,317.24 ea 16"W (26" at end) x 34"L9 lbs. #923519HOURGLASS TABLE$2,391.43 ea#923511OPTIONAL LEG$808.29 ea #923511OPTIONAL LEG$808.29 eaFAX800.437.2966#923513REPL. PAD, 1"$387.75 ea #923516HOURGLASS $3,471.37 ea #923520REPL. PAD, 1"$391.67 eaAdditional shipping charges may apply.#9235171" PAD SET$433.00 ea Additional shipping charges may apply. California residents, see left page. California residents, see left page. California residents, see left page.AliMed Hand Tables AliMed.com 800.225.2610FREETable Pad andFREETable Leg included!Choose from a range of shapes in super-durable Rhino Board at a fraction of the price of carbon \x1fber! Includes a FREE Pressure-Management Table Pad and FREE Integrated Manual Table Leg with every purchase. Great value!Details, p. 105.Table Pad and Leg free with purchase!107'