b'Lithotomy StirrupsSURGICAL TABLE ACCESSORIES5aised edJesKeOp prevent Eliminate over-aEduFtion pinch hazardsEas\\-adMustOenJtK\x0faEduFtion\x0f &omfort \x16\x18\x13and rotation Z\x126eFure-/oN7Zo-point FontroOfor safer positioninJ n 22 more lithotomy range of motionn Memory foam boot pads included KYRA Comfort StirrupsUnique design provides&omfort \x18\x13\x13Lithotomy StirrupsEasy adjustments22 more lithotomy range of motion (+85 to -55) thanZ\x126eFure-/oNfrom low to high lithotomy. Raised lateraltraditional stirrups for unparalleled site access during robotic-LITHOTOMY STIRRUPSboot supports help prevent super\x1fcial nerveassisted procedures. Offers additional 4" of working space damage and unwanted leg rotation. Includes Bootand " of extra padding, protecting the medial and lateral Pads with memory foam for maximum comfortaspect of the ankle to reduce pressure injury risk. Curved (additional details on p. 92). Two hook-and-loopsupport rods and easy pneumatic lifting eliminate dangerous straps secure legs for patient safety.58 "-diameterpinch hazards. Easy-to-clean durable silicone straps. mounting posts. Stainless steel, with aluminumAccommodates virtually all leg sizes. Optional Secure-Lok pivoting joint and ABS plastic boot. Round post,straps aid in improving infection control. compatible with a Clark Socket (two required,Comfort 350: 350-lb. capacityComfort 500: 500-lb. capacitysold separately below). Single-Use #960676COMFORT 350 w/VELCRO$6,580.70 ea#931891STIRRUPS$1,852.00 pr #960677COMFORT 350 w/SECURE-LOK$7,655.10 ea Boot Covers#937130CLARK SOCKET PLUS SLIDE-ON$241.25 ea #960674COMFORT 500 w/VELCRO$7,239.03 ea p. 92#936646REPLACEMENT BOOT PAD$208.00 ea #960675COMFORT 500 w/SECURE-LOK$8,313.43 eaCalifornia residents, see left page. Additional shipping charges may apply. California residents, see left page.5eOease KandOes aOOoZ FontroO of OitKotom\\ )OoatinJ Eoot seOf-adMusts toEas\\-Jrasp KandOe minimi]e FaOffor FontroO ZitKin pressure steriOe eOdBoot padsAdjustsold separately Upgrade from from ellofinFAX800.437.2966sterile&Oear eOevationmeasure ment on EotK field 3$/ and 3$/ 3ro maNes repeat setups eas\\ AliMed.com 800.225.2610n Self-adjusting boot n Flexible and secure n Easy-grasp handleThe PAL Stirrups have controlled abductionPAL Pro Stirrups adjust abduction andUltra\x1fn Stirrups conform to calf shape and outside sterile \x1feld. The abduction safety zonelithotomy while maintaining sterile \x1feld. Self- self-adjust to minimize pressure on calf. Fin design is estimated to be up to 12.5 from midline andadjusting standard boot minimizes pressure onhelps reduce pressure under popliteal fossa and the PAL abducts at 12.5 as they elevate. Power- calf. Lift-assist mechanism allows easy adjustmentsuper\x1f cial peroneal nerve. Easily grasp quick assist mechanism is protected by rigid, durableof leg. Release handle secures leg holder in allrelease handle through drape for interoperative cover. Indexed rods aid in duplicating positioning.directions. Set stirrup in any position from +90 toadjustment without compromising sterile \x1feld. Round post, compatible with a Clark Socket (two-22 lithotomy and abduction. Between +25 andStirrups include Ultra\x1fn Clamshell Pad. Flat required, sold separately below). Boot Pads sold-9 with visual indicators for precise positioning.blade, compatible with the Easy Lock Blade separately on p. 92.Flat blade, compatible with the Easy Lock BladeClamps (two required, sold separately below).#931004PAL STIRRUPS$7,169.57 pr Clamp (two required, sold separately below). BootReinforced rod and joint assemblyFlexible boot#937130CLARK SOCKET PLUS SLIDE-ON$241.25 ea Pads sold separately on p. 92. Lithotomy range: +84 to -33Abduction range: Additional shipping charges may apply. #933267w/o INTEGRATED CLAMP$7,546.55 pr +25 to -9800-lb. capacityCalifornia residents, see left page. #924257EASY LOCK BLADE CLAMP$441.61 ea #926582STIRRUPS$9,092.58 prAdditional shipping charges may apply. #924257EASY LOCK BLADE CLAMP$441.61 eaCalifornia residents, see left page. Additional shipping charges may apply.California residents, see left page.93'