b'Shoulder and ElbowORTHOPEDIC BRACING AND CASTINGShoulder Immobilizers and SlingsPerfect for fast-pacedn 30 of abductionsurgery centers Shoulder ImmobilizersContoured n Disposable abduction pillow and foam-padded sling. Positions shoulder in approximately 30 of Joslin ER Slingabduction. Waist strap and removable, padded Disposable arm slingneck strap ensure secure immobilization. stretches to \x1ft small toExercise ball included for muscle and large patients. Fits left orConvenient circulatory stimulation. Fits left or right. right. 12/pk.dispenser packHand-wash, air-dryBlackHand-wash, air-dryWhiteSizing: Measure arm from elbow crease to base Sizing: Adult, 90-250 lbs. of index \x1enger: S/M up to 14"; L/XL up to 151 2 ".#51799$73.75 pk ($6.15 ea) #52482$56.75 ea California residents, see left page. Specify size. California residents, see left page.nBreathable, lightweight mesh material n Traditional styleSHOULDER AND ELBOWMesh SlingsClosed-end elbow withEnvelope Style SlingsDurable breathable, lightweight mesh material.1"W webbing strap with slide buckle Durable 1"W webbing strap and adjustableadjustment. Double D-ring with hook-and-metal slide buckle. Double D-ring with hook- loop closure. Deluxe has foam strap pad and-loop closure. Fits left or right.and thumb loop to help reduce neck and Cotton liningHand-wash, air-dryBlack shoulder strain and prevent wrist drop. Universal \x1fts all. Fits left or right. #52680$10.10 eaSpecify size. See sizing chart below.Poly-cottonHand-wash, air-dryNavyCalifornia residents, see left page. #52678*ENVELOPE STYLE$12.25 ea#52683*DELUXE$15.25 ea MESH/ENVELOPE STYLE SIZING #52679UNIVERSAL, 11"-16"$14.25 ea S11"-13"M13"-14"L14"-15"XL15"+ *Specify size. See sizing chart at left.Sizing: Measure forearm from elbow to base of little \x1enger. California residents, see left page.Elbow Bracesn Bilateral hinges n Unilateral hingeEasy-On ElbowBilateral hinges FREEDOM comfort Braces feature bilateralROM Elbow Braces with hinges with adjustableunilateral hinge for post-operative extension/\x1eexion stops thatelbow rehabilitation. Tool-free allow a range of 0 to 120adjustable stops may be set for \x1eexion in 7.5 increments andextension or \x1eexion in a range of FAX800.437.29660 to 75 extension in 7.5Overlap closures 0 to 120 in 5 increments. Stop increments. Removable cushionfor quick application pins are attached to help prevent loss. Includes a padded, cloth-covered foam cuffs overlap hook-and-loop fastenersstrap that acts as a sling. Brace is completely enclosed in high-density foam for for easy application. All joints feature fullyFOREARMBICEP total comfort. Nonremovable cuffs can be surface-cleaned. cushioned protectors. Fits left or right. SIZECUFF CIRC.CUFF CIRC. Sizing: Measure circumference at belly of biceps. S/M \x1ets 91 2 -13"; M/L \x1ets 13-18".Sizing: Measure circumference at belly ofS8"-10"9"-11"#51703S/M, LEFT $171.75 ea #51702S/M, RIGHT $171.75 ea forearm and biceps. See chart below. M10"-121 2 "11"-13" AliMed.com 800.225.2610#510856$118.75 ea L121 2 "-141 2 "131 2 "-151 2 " #51705M/L, LEFT $171.75 ea #51704M/L, RIGHT $171.75 eaCalifornia residents, see left page. California residents, see left page.Specify size. California residents, see left page.n Positions elbow at 90 nPositions elbow at 122Posterior 90 Flexion ElbowCubital Tunnel Splints immobilize Orthoses for epicondylectomy orand position elbow at approximately fractures of humerus/forearmanywhere122 of elbow \x1eexion to minimize tension on 90 of elbow \x1eexion is required. Fits left orulnar nerve. Restricts full extension and \x1eexion right. to help prevent stretching of ulnar nerve.Sizing: Measure humerus circumference at midpoint.Rigid, high-density, beige Kydex shell with plush S, 8"-9 12 "; M, 9 12 "-11"; L, 11"-13 12 "; XL, 13 12 "-15 12 ". 38 "-thick removable terrycloth liner. Fits left or right. #510367$103.00 ea Heat-adjustableHand-washable linerSpecify size.Sizing: S/M \x1ets most women and smaller men; M/L \x1ets larger women and most men.California residents, see left page. #510503S/M, 143 4 "L$62.00 ea#510504M/L, 183 4 "L $62.00 eaCalifornia residents, see left page.353'