b'VeriClean O.R. Table StrapsThe only high-level disinfectable strapSTRAPSUltrasonically VeriCleanthe only strapwelded seamsto withstand repeated submersion in high-level, central processing disinfectant!SURGICAL TABLE STRAPSFully Submersible VeriClean StrapsConventional Straps VeriClean StrapsVeriClean O.R. Table StrapsStitching Allows Bacteria No Stitchingare the \x1frst surgical table strapsBacteria can penetrateFully welded seams with ultrasonically welded seams,stitching and puncture holesare imperviouson conventional straps to bacteriaallowing for complete and repeated submersion in high-level, central-processing disinfectant. Easy-to-clean straps are free of punctures, holes, and stitching, leaving no place for bacteria to hide and reducing the risk of cross-contamination. In an independent lab study, VeriClean exceeded the FDA-recommended1 Available in 5 sizes to \x1ft your needs:endpoint used to de\x1fne high-level disinfectionwhile conventional straps fall short of achieving high-level disinfection. 2 Mid-Panel Bariatric2"W thermoplastic urethane beltCam-style metal bucklesFits all surgical side railsNot made with natural rubber latex3-year warrantyBESTSELLER!FAX800.437.2966DID YOU KNOW?VeriClean helps\x16Reduce AliMed.com 800.225.2610spread of infectionWhich can help VeriClean with Mid-Panel distributesVeriClean with Bariatric pressure over the midsection. Mid-Panel includes four tight-lock buckles, \x16 \x03 Mid-panel: 5"W x 18"Lextra-large mid-panel, and extra-long straps for Reduce readmittance rates #937065MED., 96"L $342.50 ea maximum security of your largest patients.Mid-panel: 11"W x 30"L1,000-lb. capacity \x16 \x03 #937066MED./LG., 108"L$348.50 ea #937678140"L$565.75 eaReduce #937067LG., 120"L$354.75 eapatient length of stay #937068XL, 132"L$360.75 ea California residents, see left page.California residents, see left page.1.Data on \x1fle. \x03Also available in a 2.single strap style p. 7High-level disinfection requires a 6.0 Log Reduction in microorganisms. Class II Special Controls Guidance Document: Medical Washers and Medical Washer-Disinfectors; Final Guidance for the Medical Device industry and FDA Review Staff.5'