b'Tubular and Compression Bandages ITEM #SIZECOLORPRICE WOUND CARE #4339A11 2 "W x 33\'LNATURAL$61.50 rl#4735B21 2 "W x 33\'LNATURAL$75.25 rl#4340B21 2 "W x 33\'LBEIGE$78.25 rl#4736C23 4 "W x 33\'LNATURAL$79.25 rlBeige #4341C23 4 "W x 33\'L BEIGE$87.25 rl#4737D3"W x 33\'LNATURAL$87.25 rl#4342D3"W x 33\'L BEIGE$93.50 rl#4738E31 2 "W x 33\'LNATURAL$98.50 rlNatural #4343E31 2 "W x 33\'L BEIGE$115.50 rln 100% cotton, wont stretch lengthwise #4739F4"W x 33\'LNATURAL$112.50 rl n More consistent compression than #4344F4"W x 33\'L BEIGE$119.75 rl elastic wrapTubigrip Covered elastic threads form a#4740G41 2 "W x 33\'LNATURAL$124.75 rl continuous spiral. Wont stretch lengthwise.#4345G41 2 "W x 33\'L BEIGE$149.75 rl CompressogripTubular Elastic BandagesEasy to apply and conforms to contour of limb. 100% cottonWashable, autoclavableBeige or Natural California residents, see below. Proven effective for edema reduction and control, interim control of hypertrophic scarring following TUBULAR AND COMPRESSION BANDAGES burn surgery, dressing, and monitoring device retention. Also smooths irregularities when casting. Single layer supportive (20-25 mmHg) compression; double layer provides therapeutic (35-50 mmHg) compression at 50% stretch. Autoclavable.11 yds.92% polyester/8% spandexWhite ITEM #SIZEFLAT WIDTH CIRC.PRICE #4044A2"5"-7"$38.38 rln Visual indicators for easy application nFirm, \x1fexible support 1#4045B2 2 "7"-10"$39.75 rlSetopress High-compression bandage.Standard Elastic BandagesContinuous#41108C23 4 "8"-11"$40.00 rlImprinted rectangles become squares whentension for \x1frm-yet-\x1eexible support. #4046D3"9"-12"$44.00 rlstretched to proper compression.Cotton and rubberClips suppliedWhite #41201E31 2 "10"-13"$56.25 rlWash up to 20 timesCotton polyamide/elastane blend #4047F4"12"-16"$55.00 rl BeigeITEM #SIZEQTYPRICE#4048G5"15"-20"$59.00 rl ITEM #SIZEPRICE#46352"W x 5 yds10 rl/bx$24.00 bx #4049J6"18"-24"$76.25 rl#510357 4"W (10 cm) x 140"L$32.00 rl #46363"W x 5 yds10 rl/bx$25.00 bx #41202K8"24"-32"$74.93 rl#46374"W x 5 yds10 rl/bx$23.00 bx #41203L10"30"-40"$74.93 rlContraindications: Do not apply if arterial insuf\x1eciency #46386"W x 5 yds10 rl/bx$37.00 bx California residents, see below.is suspected.Do not use on limbs with circumference less than 18 cm.California residents, see below. Bandage Scissorsp. 246California residents, see below.Post-op supportFAX800.437.2966 for breast proceduresnVenous ulcer treatmentUnnas Boot Dressings for treatment of Helps decrease bruising, swelling, and hematoma venous stasis ulcers and various venousfollowing invasive chest procedures800.225.2610AliMed .com insuf\x1fciencies. 12 rl/cs. Stylish and feminine compression binders ITEM #SIZEPRICE Available in#606463"W x 10 yds, STANDARD$90.50 cs 8 color options#606474"W x 10 yds, STANDARD$105.50 cs#606483"W x 10 yds w/CALAMINE$113.75 cs#606494"W x 10 yds w/CALAMINE$112.75 csCalifornia residents, see below.For full details and additional models, see p. 181Wound DressingsAliMed .comCalifornia Proposition 65 StatementWARNING:This product can expose you to chemicals including Di(2-Ethylhexyl) Phthalate (DEHP), which is known to the State 358 of California to cause cancer and birth defects or other reproductive harm. For more information go to https:// www.p65warnings .ca .gov.'