b'Rycor Hand TablesSURGICAL TABLE ACCESSORIESSpecialist Series Carbon FiberStable support plus pressuren No side rail neededmanagementUltralight Hand Tables with Under-Pad Procedures on the arm and hand canMount angle for vascular procedures. One-turn often become uncomfortable for bothtwist knob for simple height adjustment and fast#930948HAND TABLE (MODEL 2100) the patient and the surgeon. Using a tablesetup. Hangs on wall. $3,343.02 eapad and armrest pad can help reduce53"L overall with 16"W x 34"L radiolucent operating#930967*ULTRALIGHT TABLE PAD surgeon fatigue and protect patients fromsurfaceCarbon fiber8 lbs. $293.55 eadeveloping pressure sores. The Polyfoam*Specify Table Model 2100. pads offered here are radiolucent, andAdditional shipping charges may apply. provide essential support and pressureCalifornia residents, see below.redistribution during short-term procedures. For overall comfort and safety, table andnStable, split-leg armrest pads are an essential part of yourdesignsurgical protocol. All tables are available with RYCOR HAND TABLES matching pads. Ultralight Hourglass Rail Mount n Stable legless table Hand TablesMolded armrests. Built-in rail clamps slide over accessory rail for Ultralight Legless Hand Tables mount to anyknob-free mounting. Split-Leg design. standard O.R. table with the patented rail clamps.T-Leg design also available.Professional SeriesStable without leg. 24"W (16"W center) x 32"L operating surface18"W x 30"L operating surfaceCarbon fiberCarbon fiberRadiolucent Aluminum/PolycarbonateRadiolucent7 lbs. #922369HAND TABLE (4600)$2,700.40 ea#924939HAND TABLE (MODEL 5500)$3,118.84 ea #938225STRETCHER MODEL$2,700.40 ea #930967*ULTRALIGHT TABLE PAD$293.55 ea #930967*ULTRALIGHT TABLE PAD$293.55 ea*Specify Table Model 5500. *Specify Table Model 4600. Additional shipping charges may apply.Additional shipping charges may apply. 5adioOuFentCalifornia residents, see below. California residents, see below.poO\\FarEonate ZindoZ Clinical Series Phenolicn Allows angled placement n Hourglass shape n Built-in clampsUnder-Pad Mount Armboards can beClinical HourglassClinical Rail Mount placed on an angle for vascular procedures. Rail Mount ArmboardsMoldedArmboardsBuilt-in clampsCan also be equipped with adjustable armrests. Built-in clamps secure the model secure T-Leg armboard to an O.R. table.armrests. to the O.R. table. 18"W x 32"L phenolic operating surface53"L overall16"W x 35"L aluminum surface with24"W (16"W center) x 32"L phenolic surfaceRadiolucent12"W x 30"L polycarbonate windowRadiolucentRadiolucent #923571ARMBOARD (MODEL 500)$1,725.25 ea 12 lbs. #938227STRETCHER MODEL$1,635.25 ea #930979ARMBOARD (2000)$2,523.50 ea #923572ARMBOARD (MODEL 4400)$1,785.76 ea #930967*ARMBOARD PAD$293.55 eaFAX800.437.2966 #930967*ARMBOARD PAD$293.55 ea #930967*ARMBOARD PAD$293.55 ea*Specify Table Model 500.*Specify Table Model 2000.*Specify Table Model 4400. Additional shipping charges may apply. Additional shipping charges may apply.Additional shipping charges may apply.California residents, see below.California residents, see below. California residents, see below.800.225.2610AliMed.com Effortless, one-touch hand-table adjustmentUpgrade your hand table in minutes with AliMed\'s Pneumatic Hand-Table Leg! One touch of a lever allows quick, easy, and totally effortless height adjustment. Stop bending over to make manual adjustments to your hand table. Pneumatic leg accommodates standing or seated surgeries with just a touch of a lever. Adjusts 27"-34"H.#923975 $579.49 eaCalifornia residents, see below.California Proposition 65 StatementWARNING:This product can expose you to chemicals including Di(2-Ethylhexyl) Phthalate (DEHP), which is known to the State 106 of California to cause cancer and birth defects or other reproductive harm. For more information go to https://www.p65warnings.ca.gov.'