b'Strap AccessoriesSuper Straps Keeps instruments securely closedare made of STRAPStough loop bonded to soft foam. Good for 10,000 closures. 1" self-adhesive hook-and-loop onDisposable for each strap end.easy cleanupCannot be trimmed. 10/pk.14"LBeige#76521"W $31.06 pk n Keeps instruments securely closed#76532"W $39.14 pk Instrument Bands securely holdwith most surgical instruments, including California residents, see left page. instruments closed before or afterscissors, forceps, clamps, and more. 100/bx.use. Made from soft, non-abrasiveStrap: 6"L x 1"WClosures: 2"L x "WBeige/WhiteBeta Pile II padded strapping with STRAP ACCESSORIESmedical-grade hook-and-loop closures.#960752$76.25 bxHook- Disposable for easy cleanup and versatile for useCalifornia residents, see left page.and-LoopSelf-Adhesive StrapsFor extra-strongBeta Pile II Self-Adhesive Straps adhesion, warmcombine stretch-resistant Beta Pile with 3" of the hook backingself-adhesive hook-and-loop and cushioned with a heat gun.Polyfoam inner layer. Trim to length.Trim loop toBeige length. 10/pk.#44641"W x 16"L, 10/pk$22.00 pk1"W x 14"LWhite #44652"W x 16"L, 10/pk$26.00 pk#7120$19.75 pk #95-0222"W x 18"L, 50/pk$89.25 pkCalifornia residents, see left page. California residents, see left page.Double- D-RingSoft-SidedStraps TouchHook TabsWhen attached,D-Rings fasten twothere are noPadded soft foam surfaces together,exposed hooks tobetween hook-eliminatingcatch on clothing.and-loop andsewing. 40/pk.Cannot besoft tricot. No 1"W x 1 12 "L each trimmed. 10/pk.exposed hook to White catch. Cannot be #4240$31.00 pk trimmed. 10/pk. FAX800.437.2966California residents, see left page. #70551"W x 10"L$23.75 pk Beige#70301"W x 14"L$24.00 pk #70311"W x 18"L$27.00 pk#71132"W x 14"L$54.33 pk#70322"W x 14"L$37.00 pk#71142"W x 18"L$61.75 pkCalifornia residents, see left page. California residents, see left page. AliMed.com 800.225.2610Poly-Lock Brand Plastic D-RingsStrap Tape Fasteners providewithHooks a self-locking, reclosableChafesRivet toattach to most fastening system for a varietysplints. 25/pk. brands of surgical of applications that need atables with U.S. strong, durable hold. Can beAll nylon side rails. 4/pk.used in place of hooks, latches, screws, and more. Fasteners do not require3"W x " thickprecise alignment to provide secure closure. 2 14 "W strap slotLighter than mechanical fasteners. Long lastingmore than 5,000 closures. Easy to apply. Self-adhesive rolls. Dispenser box. #708331"W$15.75 pk #933007$35.25 pk#708341"W$16.75 pk California residents, see left page.1"W x 15\'LBlack #708352"W$24.75 pk#4649$113.75 rl California residents, see left page.California residents, see left page.21'