b'Sequences SPEECH AND LANGUAGELanguage Builder Sequencing Cards helpStart with 3-card sequences, then progress all children understand the logical order of events.the way up to 10 cards. The cards are also great The full-color photographic cards portray common,for understanding what happens next, teaching everyday activities with a heavy emphasis on self- storytelling or social stories, learning verbs and help skills. The full set includes: tenses, or even to use for self-help skills prompts.1 ten-card sequence Contains: 116 cards (5" x 312"), dividers, storage boxColorCards Sequences: 6- & 8-Step for1 nine-card sequenceChildrenA more complex set that includes1 eight-card sequence #83387$50.75 bx both six- and eight-step sequences of a variety1 seven-card sequence California residents, see left page.SEQUENCESof activities. Offers excellent opportunities for6 six-card sequencesmore advanced language work, including syntax,4 five-card sequencesgrammar, vocabulary, and time concepts with5 four-card sequencesyoung children. Sequences include building2 three-card sequences blocks, playing ball, digital photography, cycling, going to school, etc. Manual includes directions and contents are in English and eight other languages. Contains: 48 laminated 6" x 6" cards, manual, box#82277$54.75 bxCalifornia residents, see left page.ColorCards Sequences: 4-StepThis collection contains 12 four-step sequences of familiar activities. The sequences depict a wide range of indoor and outdoor events. Includes people of different ages and ethnic groups. Sequences include making cakes, going to the dentist, buying a new pet, and many more. Manual includes directions and contents are in English and eight other languages.Contains: 48 cards (6" x 6"), manual, boxFAX800.437.2966#82190$73.75 bxCalifornia residents, see left page. AliMed.com 800.225.2610ColorCards Basic SequencesCompletely revised to include 16 new three-step sequences!ColorCards Sequences: Verb TensesDemonstrates simple, sequentially relatedContains 16 three-step sequences illustrating past, actions to help establish basic concepts andpresent, and future verb tenses. Portrays familiar understanding of order and direction, logicalactivities that illustrate each verb tense clearly. thought, and expressive language. IncludesEight of the verbs have regular past tense and sequences of changing a baby, making a bed,eight have irregular past tense. Images are lively playing a CD, and more. Manual includesand feature people of all ages. Use to focus on directions and contents are in English and eightone tense or to contrast past, present, and future other languages.tenses. Manual includes directions and contents Contains: 48 laminated 6" x 8" cards, manual, box are in English and eight other languages. #8946$55.75 bx Contains: 48 laminated 6" x 6" cards, manual, boxCalifornia residents, see left page. #82412$98.75 bxCalifornia residents, see left page.93'