b'Patient Transfer DevicesSAFE PATIENT HANDLINGLower-force transfers, greater infection controlOptional Wall Mounting Hanger for easy accessMini NarrowShort Narrow 15"W x 30"L 15"W x 42"LPATIENT TRANSFER DEVICESn Conveyor-belt mechanics for smooth transfersSoft Rollboards are lightweight and feature ROLLBOARDconveyor-belt mechanics for a smooth transfer of your#938985MINI NARROW$638.75 eapatients with a gentle push. No lifting required, reducing#938652SHORT NARROW$638.75 eastrain on the neck and shoulders while the supportive Soft Core provides comfort for delicate patients. All board#938651SHORT WIDE$638.75 eaframes are treated with microbe-inhibiting, silver-based DISPOSABLE COVERSBiomaster Antimicrobial Technology and feature Ultra-Fresh#937061FOR SHORT, 50/cs$183.75 csionic-silver antimicrobial protection on fabric covers to#937062COVER DISPENSER SYSTEM$189.75 eaprevent the growth of odor- and stain-causing microbes. ROLLBOARD MOUNTING HANGERSIncludes handles for easy transport. Use the popular 30"L Mini Narrow size for specialty table transfers. Optional #938659WALL MOUNT$33.75 ea Conveyor-belt mechanics with Disposable Covers, Cover Dispenser System, and #938661DOOR MOUNT$37.75 ea a supportive Soft Core allow Mounting Hangers sold separately at right. More sizes California residents, see left page. for smooth patient transfersat AliMed.com.Lightweight and radiolucentMR-safeAntistaticWipeable Watch a video demonstration! 3-year warrantyMini Narrow: 15"W x 30"L6 lbs.ShortAliMed/soft-rollboard-videoNarrow: 15"W x 42"L8 lbs.Short Wide: 19"W x 34"L8 lbs. FAX800.437.2966n Static-freeAnti-Stat Patient Shifters slide easily onto a bed or stretcher pad. Slippery coatingprotects the patient from sticking to AliMed.com 800.225.2610the shifter and shields against static buildup. Thin, warp-resistant, smooth polyethylene board has built-in handles. Semirigid board bridges31"L 72"Luneven gaps. Half Shifter is thinner for more flexibility. More sizes and styles at AliMed.com. 250-lb. capacityClean with hospital-approved disinfectantHalf: 23"W x 31"L x 0.08" thick1.7 lbs.WhiteNarrow: 18"W x 72"L x316 " thick7.75 lbs.Aqua 23"W#931827HALF SHIFTER$144.00 eaMore Gait Belts online#9-077NARROW SHIFTER$210.00 ea Anti-Stat, Halfat AliMed.com/gait-beltsCalifornia residents, see left page.18"WAnti-Stat, Narrow 31'