b"Oral Motor Therapy SPEECH AND LANGUAGEChewy Tubes These innovative oral motor devices give a resilient, non-food chewable surface for developingKnobby and practicing biting and chewingTubesskills. The tube is presented laterally into the mouth. The stem of the tubeChewy is touched to the cutting surface ofTubes the molar teeth or gum. All have safe, nontoxic surfaces, are latex- and lead-free, and have no PVC or phthalates.Super Chew, Clean with mild soap and water.Super Chew,RedPackage contains: six lemon yellow tubes with smallGreenstem size, six cherry red tubes with wider stem size, and TonguePRESS Developed by Kathleen Smeadinstruction bookNot made with natural rubber latex Super Chews provide even more tools for This is a clinically developed therapy tool for#81701$132.00 pk developing and practicing biting and chewing ORAL MOTOR THERAPYstrengthening the tongue in children. Inspired byCalifornia residents, see left page. skills. Available in two forms: Smooth Green and research, it incorporates the principles of exerciseTextured Red surface. Chews have a closed loop and resistance training for improved speech and swallowing abilities. It is filled with water andKnobby TubesUse with children who needhandle for easy grasping and a solid stem that adjusted by loosening or tightening the valve. increased tactile stimulation. The small stem hasprevents saliva collection. 6/pk.The water-filled bulb is placed on the tongue andraised dots and vivid green color. 6/pk. #82754SMOOTH GREEN$45.75 pkpressed against the hard palate. The greater the#82202$45.00 pk#82755TEXTURED RED$46.75 pkchild is able to press, the higher the indicator rises.California residents, see left page. California residents, see left page.By practicing, usually three times daily, the child increases tongue strength. It can be sent home with frequency modified for children. For individual use only Chewy Tubes Chewy P's and Q's Smooth #83066TONGUEPRESS$35.75 ea and solid surface for practicing biting and chewing #830674/pk$102.00 pk skills. The Q is wide enough for bilateral chewing California residents, see left page. activities, and the P is especially easy to grasp Patent #9,149,681 by small fingers or for those with low muscle tone. Promotes healthy mouth development, progressing early tongue exploration to lateral jaw movement. Stimulates lateral tongue exploration. Available as a Set or Chewy Q's sold individually. Knobby Q's (sold separately) have raised bumps along the biteable circle for more stimulation and slightly firmer surface. Safe nontoxic surface, latex- and lead-free, no PVC or phthalates.#82989*P's AND Q's SET, 3 pk/set$29.75 set#82987CHEWY Q's, 6/pk$43.75 pkFAX800.437.2966#82988KNOBBY Q's, 6/pk$43.75 pk*Set of 3 packs, each pack contains 1 P and 1 Q. California residents, see left page.How to Stop Thumbsucking and How ToAliMed.com 800.225.2610Swallow Right, Roberta B. PierceEffectiveStop Drooling, Pam MarshallaTwo great activities to correct swallowing disorders. Up-to- books for oral motor therapy. Thumbsucking date 12-lesson program meets ASHAs guidelinesis full of easy-to-understand solutions that have for evaluation and treatment of oral myofunctionalhelped thousands of children stop or reduce disorders. Clearly organized activities encourageproblematic thumbs ucking. Its perfect for effective treatment in small groups, individualtherapists, parents, and caregivers. Gives 11 therapy, and home carryover. The completeprinciples for change, organizes successful therapy program covers theory, treatment, and trackingactivities, and lists resources. Drooling offers charts. Covers three important stages: trainingspeech therapy and dryness techniques including muscles to develop movement patterns, teachingbuilding oral awareness, fundamental swallowing to swallow correctly, and habituating correct resttechniques, lip exercises, guidelines for motivation posture and swallowing patterns.and habituation, and answers to the most common 141 pages, wire binding questions asked by parents. #81621$54.75 ea SoftcoverNot sold separatelyHow to Stop California residents, see left page. Thumbsucking: 80 pagesHow to Stop Drooling:64 pages#81977$54.75 setCalifornia residents, see left page. 97"